Working 24 Hours Straight at Waffle House | Bon Appetit

Working 24 Hours Straight at Waffle House | Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit’s Andrew Knowlton works a 24-hour shift at Waffle House. The first Waffle House diner opened in Atlanta, Georgia in 1955. Today, the chain …



  1. JD MaK

    "… or wear a beard guard" is a lie. They only let you wear a beard guard if you have a religion that insist you keep a beard AND you threaten to sue.
    Also, ATL WH is NEVER a good representation of really working Waffle House. That's just their show stores.

  2. JD MaK

    All in all, this video was maybe a 2/5. You went to the cheesiest WH in the chain. You didn't really showcase the backroom, or why tf you were still prepping batter at 7pm (that's just poor time management). And it would be nice, if just once, 1 of these public videos about WH would show an actual rush and show just how hard it is on the employees. Yes, we have fun at the grill, even when cooking 500+ an hour. However, it's hard work that the general public never really appreciates.

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