Travel Secrets from Airport Insiders

Travel Secrets from Airport Insiders

Locks on Zippered Suitcases are Useless

According to luggage handlers — you can pop a zipper with a pen and drag the locked zipper pulls around the bag to close them back up … They sometime have to do this to identify bags that are tagless and locked.

Bring Your Own Headphones

some people have worked in a warehouse that supplied airlines with many items. The headsets that are given to you are not new, despite being wrapped up. They are taked off the flight , “cleaned” and then repackaged again.

Remove Old Flight Tags

Not a secret, just common scence, the reason some bags miss their flight or get misrouted is because passengers do not remove old tags. It confuses handlers as well as conveyor belt scanners.

Be Kind to Employees

The nicer you are to them,,, the more they can do for you. Ran out of a special meal —- maybe you can get upgraded to better. What if you have a noisy neighbor ??? Nicely ask and maybe you can get moved to a quiet row. Be extremely nice to a ticket agent and they might let you get away with an overweight bag. sometimes ,,, they even might forget to charge you for them.

Buy and Fly on a Tuesday

On average, the cheapest time to buy a ticket is Tuesday afternoon….  The cheapest time to fly is Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. This applies to most US flights.

Maybe Skip the Coffee

They usually do not have time to wash out the coffee pot. They just rinse out the pot and dump more coffee in to brew another pot..

Put Your Pets Name on Carrier

Your dog is probably terrified to be where he is in the first place. Bag room agents will usually try to calm down the dog if they know their name.

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