Things You Should Do Before You Board An Airplane

Things You Should Do Before You Board An Airplane

Get Fast Tracked

Also Known As —— TSA Precheck ( $85 for 5 years ) which will expedite you through security faster in more than 130 domestic airports….  Or better yet —- become a member of Global Entry  ( $100 for 5 years ) and also be able to zip through US customs..   It is not that easy though  — you will have to under go a security check, fingerprinting and a personal interview. I did it and it is not that bad.  Sounds worse than it actually is.

Buy Some Peace of Mind

Get a flight delay or cancellation policy that will reimburse you financially for a delay longer than 2 hours.

Stay up to the Minute

The airlines will not tell you about any delays ( whether their fault or not ) —– it is up to you to find out about what is going on.

Check to Find Out That your Carry ON is Really a Carry ON

Some airlines have started enforcing the stricter size limit for carry on’s based on what they can handle in the overheads. So if you want to avoid having to gate check ( and pay for ) your bag,,,, know your airlines size restrictions before you leave home.

Check Size of Toiletries Bottles

Carry on liquids, gels, and aerosols have to be 3-4 ounces or less and fit into a clear quart size bag.

Dress Smart

Moving through airports and on flights with ease should have you dressing accordingly based on where you are going and how long the flight.

Know your Way Around the Airports You are Visiting

Gate Guru will help you navigate terminals at some 200 airports around the world and point you where to go. Plenty handy during a long layover at a strange airport. It will let you know where most amenities are located.


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