Things You Don't Expect When Moving to London | Living in London Series

Things You Don't Expect When Moving to London | Living in London Series

After moving to London, these are the things I was surprised by when I arrived here. If you plan to live to London, learn from my wrong expectations and mistakes …



  1. Nathanael Caine

    I am moving to London…relativly soon-ish… And the one thing I can never figure out when going to other countries is how to find a doctor to go to when you're not a citizen, even if you live there. (I'm norwegian. Pretty sure I can move anywhere in europe without a visum or anything.)

    In norway everyone has to registrer for your own doctor, and you can't really use anyone but that one doctor…unless you change who that is. (And it's usually pretty cheap with anything health care related and a max limit per year. But I've heard england has free health care, so I guess that won't be a problem.) But how does London work there?

    And what's the emergency numbers?

    Also… How are the standards for safety on things in London? (I'm from a country in which one tiny breach of an immencly strict health code gets resturants shut down, and if you go to a plastic surgeon it is always 100% safe, because higher education is mandatory, and, again, any form of misshaps or misstreatments gets people fired and usually also the whole damned place shut down. Which makes every other country seem scary, because these misshaps actually HAPPENS there. At ALL.)

  2. Leoniki Smit

    This series is so helpful!! I just recently decided that I want to immigrate to London from South Africa.. obviously itโ€™s going to be a process over a couple of years, but this is really putting it into perspective for me! Thanks ! ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒธ

  3. lipi ganguly

    I just got back from London. What a wonderful trip we had! We stayed in Central London for 2 weeks…very, very convenient to get to all the places. You are so right about London being multicultural… you actually rarely come across someone born and bred in London! What a wonderful city…can keep going back. Want ed to thank you for all your videos…great guide.

  4. Carolina Cardoso

    I've been living in NYC since 2012, coming from Sao Paulo , believe me people don't talk or interactin New York either lol. People dont look in the eye, most of the times, that blank face or looking down their phones!! Its all a point of view. So maybe try the subway in Sao Paulo . Good luck

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