These are the Cheapest Days to Fly

These are the Cheapest Days to Fly

For travelers looking to book a cheap getaway this summer, the date you choose to leave could have a big impact on the price of airfare.

According to data from ,,, those travelling around the US this summer should book with a departure date of Saturday, June 3 for the best shot at a cheaper ticket.

Travellers heading abroad should plan on leaving on Wednesday, August 23.

On the opposite end of the spectrum,,, the most expensive dates for US travel is June 25 and June 30 for international travel.

Travelers who are debating when to leave can rest assured that prices for domestic travel should stay fairly normal this summer. The big difference should only be based on the day of week. Of course, these are only general trends. They could change the pricing at a moments notice based on demand.

Always keep your eyes open for changes both up and down.



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