The Best Places to Visit in Alabama

The Best Places to Visit in Alabama

The Best Places to Visit in Alabama Alabama is a state with many names: Yellowhammer State after the state bird, the Cotton State and the Heart of Dixie.



  1. paul oconnor

    You may want to "visit" Alabama but you don't want to move there if you're from another state. There is so much corruption in Alabama that there are not enough words to describe. Some Judges are so inept in Alabama and will call you a "yankee" in the court. I bought a house in Alabama with a "Warranty Deed" but the Judge decided to give all my land away to a good 'ol homeboy. A Warranty Deed in Alabama means nothing. In Alabama it's who you know and that is the end of story. As a matter of fact I was arrested and jailed 10 times for trespassing on my own property. One other thing to mention …a simpleton Judge by the name of Marvin Wiggins not only gave me land away to dead people who had no deeds in their name, he also wrote an order that I was NOT ALLOWED to even have a survey of my property and the Judicial Commission is more inept then the Judges. So just try to move into Alabama from another state and you too will be treated like an infection. Oh…and by the way…if you need a lawyer here…all you will find are ambulance chasers as there are NO lawyers that are willing to take on a fight for the rights of people and the rule of law.

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