Places to go in Florida

Places to go in Florida

Tuesday is the best day to book airfare.

Wednesday is the best day to fly.

Winter is a Super time to “get away” from cold weather and head to Sunny Florida. It may be a little more expensive at that time of year — but just think of what you are missing back home —- that is — Snow & Cold weather…. Enough said about living in the Northern part of the country.

Fort Lauderdale —- who would not want to relive the good old days of college  and high school spring breaks. Or go in May where you can get a quieter “break” with much more reasonable hotel fees and not feel as crowded. To each their own season.

How about Orlando ????

Just let us see what we can find in the middle of the state.  OK — How about     Walt Disney World

Sea World

Universal World

The lines at he above “Parks” are really busy during school breaks, summer and holiday weeks. But if you go in September ( when kids go back to school) the lines should be much shorter and quicker. OK, there will always be exceptions that blow this rule out the window. No rule is perfect.

Golf —– is there a golfer in your family ???

What area in Florida does not have plenty of golf courses. Did you know that Florida has the Golf Hall of Fame in St Augustine. I have been there and is a great place for the golf enthusiast .

How about visiting a small town off the Florida coast… It Fernandina Beach. It is on Amelia Island,,, has 13 miles of coastline sandy beaches where you can build your own sand houses or even a Castle if that is you desire. Are you a biker or a walker ??? Lots of trails for both .. Or as for the location so appeals to the water people. Swimming, snorkeling or any water sports. The town center has just what the woman wants —– shopping and plenty of it. Explore away with plenty of Southern cuisine.

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