Luggage Packing Tips by an Airplane Luggage Handler

Luggage Packing Tips by an Airplane Luggage Handler

We are about to learn some ways to pack and ways to keep our bags from being destroyed at airports or any other places that handle luggage on a regular basis. Yes,,, that will include the massive handling of luggage on cruise ships that must be done in a very short time frame.

Have a Bottom Handle

The number one thing a bag can have is a handle on the bottom,,, between the wheels. It is easier to grab it and the top handle to easilyplace the bag on the loader or the conveyer belt leading to baggage claim.

Pack it Full and Keep it Contained

Baggage holds in airplanes are not glamorous. Luggage is packed tightly, stacked, and bags packed full and tight survive better. Do NOT  pack any kind of liquids in exterior pockets. They are apt to fall out or worse get crushed during storage packing in the hold. Your shampoo might break inside the pocket and be a big problem to you and possibly  other luggage.

Choose Structured Luggage

The firmer the exterior the better. The light weight kind looks very nice and is maybe easier to carry but apt to break rather quickly is the tight constraints  of a cargo hold. Well built is meant to last a very long time.

Go Four Wheeled

Sometimes grabbing handles is not possible when rushing to load a plane especially in inclement weather. We love to push luggage along if at all possible.

Downsize Your Luggage Tags

Large luggage tags and open zippers are the worst. They are easily destroyed and hard to clean up. The business card , clear sleeves that are attached to bags are the best.

Wrap Strollers and Car Seats in Plastic

Straps on car seats and strollers can cause major problems. They will often come loose and get stuck on other objects. Also those non bagged items usually are the last items to come out of the baggage hold.

Don’t Worry about Dirt

Louis Vuitton luggage is pretty and an expensive bag, but it does not mean that it is going to be treated with kid gloves. Don’t complain if your bag gets dirt on it —- A bag ( regardless of brand ) is designed to protect the contents,,, not itself.











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