How to get TSA Precheck —- What you need to Know

How to get TSA Precheck —-  What you need to Know

TSA Precheck is a government sponsored program that began in October 2011 that grants approved passengers on domestic ( some foreign )  flights expedited screening. As of now over 4 million people are approved. Nineteen airlines are part of the system in 180 airports in the United States. Precheck customers do not need to remove shoes, take out lap tops, belts, liquids, or light jackets which mean less time in line.

How to Apply

Submit an application and schedule an appointment  at any of the more than 380 enrollment centers. There you will be fingerprinted and undergo a brief background check —- all taking about 15 minutes to accomplish. You will receive written notification in normally 2 – 3 weeks, sometimes quicker based on numbers being performed at that time.


TSA Precheck costs $85 and is good for 5 years. Not as long as a passport ,,, but close.

Most airlines participate in TSA Precheck. A Precheck indicator will be printed on your boarding pass if your  airline is involved.  I now use this method for all our flying, wife has her own and had to go through the same process —-  no family plan at this time.

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