Heroic Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane after Co-pilot Passes Out

Heroic Flight Attendant Helps Land Plane after Co-pilot Passes Out

Although it is a common saying that ” not all heroes wear capes ” , perhaps they all at least know how to fly.

A flight attendant helped land a Boeing 747 with 195 people on board when the co-pilot passed out according to a new report by the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Investigation.

The flight attendant was working a flight from Germany to Mallorca on October 11 , 2016 when he got into trouble somewhere over France. The Co-pilot passed out due to extremely low blood pressure, and the flight attendant had to take his place in the cockpit. The co-pilot had just left the bathroom when he announced that he did not feel well and had to lie down in the front galley. A doctor onboard the aircraft responded and diagnosed him as having extremely low blood pressure.

Despite the fact that before landing, the co-pilot was conscious , the pilot decided to land the plane without him. He called forward a member of the crew to assist him. The flight attendant helped him perform the pre-landing checks and flight plan landing instructions.

The co-pilot was transferred to a local hospital where he was checked out  and eventually released.

An airline spokesperson said that these occasions are rare indeed ,, but they must be ready for them just in case.

The flight attendant was rewarded  for jumping into action and going above and beyond the call of duty.

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