Cost of Cruising

Cost of Cruising

What is Included ??

A cruise is not an all inclusive vacation but it can be a great deal because of what is included in the cruise fare — generally all meals ,, snacks,, entertainment ,,, game,, activities. Of course there are always extras that you can spend money on ( as gambling ) that can add up just as shore excursions alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, and souveniers are among them.

Types of Cruises

Locations and length will be the ultimate  cost factors.  Also there are basically 3 types of cruise lines —- contemporary ,,, premium and luxury. The higher the level will greatly affect the final cost.

Your Stateroom

Tight budgets could make you realize that an inside stateroom is for you ( I have been there ) The better the room selection the higher the cost

( we are now up to the best mini suite ) .. But remember ,, regardless of the room costs —- everybody has the same run of the ship.

Getting to the Ship

How you get to the ship’s port will impact the overall cost of your cruise vacation. Air travel is normally the way to go. Therefore not spending a lot of time to arrive.  Finding a port near your home is ideal.

Onboard Extras

Cruise lines have always charged for special items. They have recently come up with more ways to do that. Art works, wine tastings, more specialty shops etc. Almost all cruises operate on a sign and go basis. It is in your best interest to check with the pursers office every few days to keep up with your daily tab.

Cruising is not always a cheap vacation ,,,, but you get what you pay for. It will give you a tremendous value for each dollar spent !!!!!





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