Converting RV Lights to LEDs — PART 5 — Docking & Patio Lights

Converting RV Lights to LEDs — PART 5 — Docking & Patio Lights

In Part 5 of our LED Your RV series, we’re replacing our RV’s docking and patio lights with cool, bright, low-power LEDs. We’re also giving away a $250 prize …



  1. smacdiesel

    Any dimmer switches on your rig?  I want to install them on mine and I can't figure out how to make it happen, I have only one wire coming and going to my factory installed led lights.  I'll check m4 products, thanks for the link!

  2. Bob T

    Any follow-up to your dock light swap. I have a 2005 Newmar with many of the exact same light fixtures s you have. I had an issue with my dock lights in that the new grommet and light fit very loose in the body of the coach. Not sure if the originals were slightly thicker or why they fit tighter. I found I could easily insert the new light with the grommet attached into the hole in the coach. Once in, it has a around ¼” of movement up and down. I didn’t feel comfortable with that and believe that Newmar might have made the holes a tad too big for the new lights although the originals seem to fit OK. I ended up using some silicone, and once the light and grommet were firmly seated in the coach, I lifted the outer rubber of the grommet and injected some silicone so it would fill the gap and keep the assembly in place. I did this on the top, bottom and two sides. Fingers crossed this works OK. I am curious if yours fit tighter since your coach is so similar or if you have had any issues since this installation. The new M4 docking lights are so much brighter and a cleaner light they will be very helpful when I take the dog out after dark. All of the M4 products I have bought to date have been a great update and will help in the future as we plan more boondocking. Saving the tube lights for the winter since the coach will be in an indoor storage facility and it is a good project while there is snow on the ground.

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