Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders

As seagoing vacations continue to grow in popularity, cruises offer ports of call with access to some of the iconic wonders of the ancient world. Many sites are accessible via cruise ship or overnight land extensions that bring each and every world destination to life.

Travel in Style

Cruise lines offer tremendous diversity in terms of cruising styles. Travelers can choose between luxury cruise ships that carry fewer than 100 passengers or contemporary mega cruise ships that sail with 3,600 passengers – and everything else in between. Itineraries are available in all shapes and sizes, from seven days to 28 days and longer.

World Cruise Itineraries

A number of cruise itineraries also brings renewed verve to the world's most popular cruising grounds, the Caribbean, with new sailings that operate roundtrip from a wide variety of North American homeports. No visit to the Yucatan Peninsula would be complete without a visit to one of the numerous Mayan ruins. The influence of the ancient Mayan civilization is a big part of what makes the Yucatan coast so special. The most famous Mayan site is at Chichen Itza, a two-and-a-half hour drive inland from the coast. The walled city of Tulum is beautiful, located on a cliff overlooking the turquoise Caribbean waters. Founded in 445 AD, this massive city was owned until 1204 AD when it was abandoned. Towering over the site is the Kukulcan pyramid, which rises 70 feet into the air.

A Mediterranean cruise offers access to the most spectacular wonders of all – the Egyptian pyramids. From the port of Alexandria, Egypt it's easy to head inland to Cairo and see the most famous wonders of the ancient world, the colossal Giza pyramids and Sphinx overlooking the vast Sahara desert.

Cruises that call on the Turkish ports of Kusadasi and Izmir have access to visit Ephesus, which was the capital of Asia Minor during the time of the Roman Empire, and now it is one of the world's most impressive and best-restored archaeological sites. Walk the marble-paved streets and see the spectacular ruins of the Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsus, the house where the Virgin Mary spent her last days and the amphitheater where St. Louis. Paul once preached.

Athens is the place where many of Western society's most profound intellectual and artistic ideas were born, and it is universally heralded as the birthplace of democracy. The most dominant physical feature is the Acropolis, which can be seen from any corner of Athens. Its main building is the Parthenon, a 2500, year, old temple to the goddess Athena.

Cruises that transit the Suez Canal can stop in Aqaba, Jordan for a visit to Petra. This amazing city was created by the Nabataeans, an Arab people who carved elaborate palaces, temples, tombs and storerooms out of solid rock. The Al Khazneh treasury building is the most iconic feature in the rose-colored city since it appeared in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

South America has become a popular cruise destination and cruises that call on Lima, Peru have access to Machu Picchu, the amazing "Lost City of the Incas". This is a multi-day excursion from the port that requires a flight into Cuzco and then a train ride up the Andes plateau. The Incan city, which dates to the 15th century, is impressively well preserved and visually stunning.

Travel by cruise ship is one of the easiest ways to explore the ancient wonders around the globe. With accommodations, meals and entertainment included in the cruise fare, and a variety of places mapped out by the cruise line, it does not get any more convenient.

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