60 Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico for Cruise Passengers

60 Things to Do in Cozumel, Mexico for Cruise Passengers

One of the most magical destinations to visit in the Western Caribbean during a cruise is the island of Cozumel, Mexico. Beauty, adventure, mystery, and fun all describe this destination. From postcard-perfect beaches to lush jungles dotted with Mayan ruins, Cozumel features it all and has plenty to see and do.

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This fact creates a dilemma for most as to where to start. It’s especially hard for cruisers because one day in port can hardly cover all the things to do in Cozumel. That’s why an insider view like this helps you plan and make the most of your trip to Cozumel.

1. Explore the Port Area

When cruising to Cozumel, you are likely to dock in one of its three ports. These ports are Punta Langosta, International Port and Puerto Maya. The port you arrive at will depend on your cruise line.

Here are a few things you do from Cozumel cruise ports.

Punta Langosta is located in downtown San Miguel and is the closest to the main hub of the town. The international pier, on the other hand, is located about 10 minutes (by car) south of the town and involves a bit of walking to get to downtown San Miguel. Puerto Maya is the furthest cruise port and is designated for Carnival ships and its sister cruise lines only.

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Puerto Maya has a secluded tourist area built in the port with plenty of shops, eateries, and attractions. While all the ports offer excellent shopping, Puerto Maya has a more diverse shopping experience and is a beautiful, clean, and fun port area to spend the day.

However, don’t be mistaken, all the ports have unique features, and a brief walk will reveal the beautiful buildings, cute shops and charming eateries to explore.

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2. Eat, Drink and Shop in San Miguel

Cozumel’s capital is a laid-back, charming town called San Miguel. Discover the way of life of Cozumelians, eat, drink and party like they do in this beautiful town. A walk or bicycle tour of the town will take you to charming, unpretentious, authentic Mexican shops and eateries.

One of the greatest attractions of the town is the wide Malecon that fronts the seaside. A favorite past time here is to walk along the wide Malecon early morning or late evening. Enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean on one side and pop in and out of waterfront shops and restaurants on the other side.

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Relax at El Zocalo or The Plaza as you admire and take in the beauty of the town.  Or go Shopping, one of the town’s major activities. Lots of shops to explore, plenty of Mayan craft to buy… you only need to put your negotiating cap on.

3. Chill or Party at the Plaza

Mexican towns are popular for having town squares, where locals meet, relax and hold events at. Cozumel has one too. Catch your breath as you people watch or admire the town at El Zocalo, San Miguel’s town square. A beautiful botanic garden in the square offers a space to enjoy a few moments of peace and tranquility.

This place also serves as a perfect spot for a photo op. If you are lucky enough to be in town on a Sunday, then you are in for a treat with the ever-present Sunday night town’s public events like dances, shows, and cultural events.

4. When Did You Last go to Church?

Most architectural masterpieces in the Caribbean are churches, and this is true for Cozumel as well. Some of the most popular are Cathedral of Corpus Christi, Iglesia Olas de Gracia (waves of grace church) and San Miguel church.

Visit these places for some much-needed time with the Maker, find respite and answers to difficult life questions. You can also take part in some of their charity events.

5. Explore Landmarks such as Palacio Municipal

Go on a sightseeing tour of the town’s landmarks such as Palacio Municipal. An old municipal building built in 1939. That features great architecture with stunning stone arches that lead all the way to its front doors.

This attraction is found at the town square at San Miguel in front of Parque Benito Juárez. It’s a great place to learn the history of the place and offers another photo op.

6. Visit Museo de la Isla de Cozumel

Visit the Museum of Cozumel. The little museum features great information about the past life of the island. Learn how the island came to be, explore ancient Mayan artifacts and gain a deeper insight into the way of the island’s inhabitants. It’s a great break from the business of the town and also offers much-needed shade from the hot sun.

The museum is small enough to explore in an hour’s time. You can also enjoy some tasty treats while savoring the view of the mainland from the museum’s cafe. A $4 entrance fee is charged at this place.

7. Try the World’s First Underwater Oxygen Bar

The Clear Lounge Underwater Oxygen Bar in Cozumel is a new thing that you just have to try. It’s a large, clear, human size fish tank and the world’s first! Interested parties put on a sea helmet with an air tube connected to the surface that supplies pure oxygen to the individual under the water.

You get to play games with your friends, like a special Jenga, and special bubble guns. It also makes for great photos, especially using the fun photo frames in the place. You can also communicate with your friends using wipe boards. It’s loads of fun.

8. Visit Castillo Real

History buffs will have a field day at Castillo Real or Royal Castle, an ancient Mayan ruin found in Cozumel. Castillo is located in the island’s remote northeastern shores. This magnificent edifice is known for its high vantage point that offers panoramic views of the ocean and coastlines.

Hiking along the old coastal road found in this area will take you to more ruins at Aguada Grande. However, due to the poor nature of the terrain there, Castillo Real is best accessed by boat or snorkeling tours.

9. 1000 Years of History at San Gervasio

Visit one of the oldest Mayan ruins in Cozumel, Mexico is San Gervasio. This site is located in the heart of the jungle north of the island.

It features well-preserved structures that bear the history of the original inhabitants of Cozumel. Explore, eat and shop Mayan at San Gervasio and keep photos to tell the story.

10. See Tulum

One thing that all Mayan ruins in the Mexican Riviera have in common is that they are all found inland especially in the heart of the jungle except one… Tulum.

This ruin which is believed to have been a sea trade port is found on the eastern coastlines of the state of Quintana Roo. Being one of the last ruins to be built, the structures still stand in perfect shape. Take in your fill of history and mystery as you explore this beautiful site seating pretty atop the 12-meter high cliff.

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Enjoy great views of the glistening Caribbean and the lush backdrop of the island. Venturing inland into the jungle to explore further or relax at the gorgeous beach beneath the cliff. Best visited early morning to avoid the intense sun.

11. Tour the Island

Cozumel has plenty of ecosystems that feature various attractions. There are beaches to be enjoyed, Mayan ruins to be explored, and landmarks to discover. Though you can’t see and experience all in a day, a sightseeing tour is your best bet at exploring as much as possible.

From the bustling San Miguel town to the remote corners of the east coast, a sightseeing tour will do the trick. A private sightseeing trip is recommended for it allows you a customized experience.

12. Pet a Butterfly

Cozumel Butterfly and Botanical Gardens are a family owned butterfly sanctuary located just 5minutes from the cruise pier. Visit the place to learn about these beautiful, gentle creatures. Enjoy the calm and tranquil atmosphere at the garden while butterflies fly all around you laying kisses and playing around.

The owners are very friendly and even offer some snacks for free. It’s a great place for the kids to learn about butterflies as well.

13. Park Royal with a Day Pass

Relax at an infinity edged pool with stunning views of the cruise ships in the horizon at Park Royal. Get a day pass to the grand resort located only a short walkable distance from the cruise ship terminal in Cozumel.

Enjoy drinks and great snacks from the swim up bar or go to the beach and lay on the perfect soft sandy beach. Mix it up by going snorkel which can commence right off the beach. The kid park in the area makes it perfect for the kids too.

14. Beach Bum at Mr. Sanchos

Mr. Sanchos Cozumel is arguably one of the best beach clubs on the island. It’s the largest private beach club. Featuring 1500-feet of white sandy beach caressed by perfect turquoise water. This beautiful beach is clean, and there are plenty of lounge chairs.

It’s easy to fall in love with Mr. Sanchos, they make everything easy there. They offer great food, good drinks and probably one of the best customer services on the island. It offers day pack packages that are either inclusive or pay as you go.

It’s a family magnet for its family-friendly atmosphere. The two swimming pools with swim up bar, offer a great alternative to swimming in the ocean. Best of all it’s only a short 15-minute ride from the cruise pier.

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15. Playa Chen Rio

If you are looking for an off the beaten path beach, then Playa Chen Rio is the place to be. Chen Rio is located on the east coast, far from the busy touristy west side of the island. Where the cruise ports are found.

It has a nice white sandy beach but what is notable about this beach are the two huge rock formations that break the surf and create a nice swimming area on the beach. The well-lighted shallow waters are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Chen Rio is out of the way which makes it a perfectly secluded beach. There is a little restaurant there called El Pescador that is famous for its drinks and great seafood.

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16. Post Card Perfect Beach at Playa De San Martin

Still off the beaten path is another large piece of unspoiled inexhaustible beach space, the San Martin beach. This beach is a 3-mile long stretch of soft white sandy beach found on the eastern coast. It’s right along the island’s coastal road. The beach is wide, and long and offers plenty of room for those seeking a private escape.

The crystal-clear turquoise waters are very inviting, but caution is advised when swimming due to the strong currents that are prevalent on this beach. Go for a walk, lay on the sand, eat at the restaurant across the road or shop for souvenirs. All in all, you are guaranteed a fab time on this beach.

17. Experience the Whole Package at Punta Sur

Punta Sur is a different kind of beach altogether. It’s a unique mixture of nature, history and the sea makes it a one of a kind beach in Cozumel.

This ecological reserve is found at the southern tip of the island. It combines a nature reserve with a mangrove ecosystem, a wetland, Mayan ruins, and a beach.

Visit Punta Sur for a full day itinerary of bird watching, snorkeling, nature exploring, beach bumming, crocodile watching and Mayan exploration. Learn, eat, drink and snap away at this fantastic park.

And lastly, climb up the Faro Celerian lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the park and the Caribbean Sea. There is an entry fee of $14 for adults and $8 for children.

18. Lay in a Hammock in Isla Passion

Isla Passion or Passion Island to Englishmen is another beautiful beach found on an island on the north coast of Cozumel. Isla Passion is an embodiment of a perfect tropical island, featuring a tiki bar with palapas, plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Enjoy the picture perfect pristinely soft white sandy beach as you lay in a hammock beneath swaying palm trees. The water is crystal clear and calm enough for kids to swim in. You can only access this beach via boat. It’s offered as an excursion by cruise lines and local tour operators.

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19. Go Snorkeling at the Money Bar Beach Club

The Money Bar Beach Club or Dzul Ha as formerly known as the best beach for snorkelers. Being close to the reef makes it a snorkeler’s heaven.

Money bar is found on the western side of the island just a short distance from the cruise piers. It’s popular with cruisers because you can snorkel right of the beach.

The beach club is an entirely whole other reason to visit the place. Talk about outstanding food, drinks, and service. Enjoy the place’s electric atmosphere under one of the many palapas facing the Caribbean.  Or catch the live band on Friday nights. A taxi ride there will suffice.

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20. Take the Family to Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is the most popular family beach. It’s also found on the western coast of the island. Paradise beach is one of those touristy beach clubs that cruisers love so much. Complete with an aqua park and a long stretch of well-manicured, white sandy beach. You’ve got to love this place.

The prices are affordable too, charging $18 for a fun pass at the aqua park for both adults and kids. This price also covers snorkeling gear, kayak rentals, stand up paddle boards and floaters.

Lay in the sun with a refreshing Pina Colada enjoying the gentle Caribbean breeze. A minimum of $10 is charged for food and $3 for a sun lounger. Don’t forget you can also chill out in their Vegas-style heated pool.

21. Pet a starfish at Playa El Cielo

Talk about heaven on earth. El Cielo is a secluded sandbar in the middle of the ocean which also acts as a starfish sanctuary. The waters are so amazingly crystal-clear turquoise blue, you have to see it, to believe. This is one of those once in a lifetime experience that you will be glad you partook in.

The place is only accessible via boat, and you need to book an excursion to get there. Most of the excursion there offer snorkeling as well. The water depth varies, with some places being shallow enough to reach only waist high, and others at least a few feet deep for you to swim into.

One of the most recommended tour operators for this place is Fishing with Pedro. Though you can search for other tour operators online.

22. Cha”an Ka”an Observe the Skies

Astrology is a hobby that ancient Mayan inhabitants back in the olden days which is still alive to this day. Visit the Planetarium or Planetario in Spanish and observe the skies or Cha’an Ka’an as the Mayans call it.

Here you will learn plenty including Mayan archeostronomy and enjoy incredible 3D showings. It’s perfect for the Kids to learn and appreciate diverse cultures.

23. A Walk in the Park Sea

Become one with the fish. Enjoy walking the sea floor and exploring under the water as easily as walking in the park. Sea Trek is a great innovation for exploring underwater while walking and breathing easily.

A special sea helmet with an attached air pipe seats comfortably on your shoulders with oxygen being fed into the helmet, for you to breathe, see and walk on the sea surface. It’s great for non-swimmers, and the depths are always under 20-feet.

24. Charter a Boat and Sail the Caribbean

One of the best ways to spend your time in Cozumel is to charter a boat ride venturing out to the great blue sea.

Some of the most popular include luxury Catamarans, glass bottom boat rides, banana boat rides, and small luxury bay liner boats. Water excursions such as snorkeling, diving or having a party out at sea all take place on boats.

You’ll probably need water shoes for these type shore excursions.

Local captains know all the best spots to cater to your needs be it snorkeling, diving or touring the coastline. Enjoy the crystal-clear blue waters of Cozumel and the myriads of activities and attractions that come with it.

25. Conquer the Terrain on 4WD

Cozumel is a land of many hills, jungles, and rough terrains. Explore the islands undeveloped remote sides with an ATV, Jeep or dune buggy. Negotiating challenging trails with these vehicles only make this excursion much more fun.

The question is will you conquer or be conquered? Most such tour packages usually include a lunch and a beach at the end of the journey so fret not about food.

26. 100 Leagues Under the Sea

Want to explore underwater without getting wet. Well a ride in Mexico’s only submarine, the Atlantis XII will do the trick. The sub dives up to 100 feet deep taking you along the floor of the Chankanaab Reef. This comfortable ride offers a great alternative for amateur divers and non-swimmers.

27. Tour Like a Local with a Taxi Tour

Skip expensive excursions and tour the island through local guidance on a taxi tour. An experienced, reputable local cab driver will take you to some of the island’s best-kept secrets away from the crowds. Enjoy customized tours with great service from a recognized reputable local cab company, save yourself some bucks and carry home a rich experience.

28. Go Fishing

Cozumel is a sportfishing paradise. Its waters are fertile and teeming with fish, and there are numerous reefs to explore on the island. If deep fishing is up your alley, then this is a befitting way to spend your day in port.

There are plenty of fishing charters on the island that offers exceptional service. Do your research and find the best. Some like Chichi charters even cook up some of the catch. Depending on your tour details, you might even get to visit a great sandbar and go snorkeling.

29. Go Scuba and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling are the number one thing to do in Cozumel. This island is home to plenty of protected reefs, lush walls and some of the fastest drifts, making it a haven for divers.

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Some of the most popular reefs include the Santa Rosa Wall, Chankanaab reef and Palancar Reef. The stellar visibility and easy drift teamed up with the colorful marine life only serve to make snorkeling and diving a great experience on this island. Book a scuba or snorkeling excursion for an unforgettable experience.

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30. Stand up Paddleboarding

Stand up Paddleboarding in Cozumel has a way of testing your strength and balancing skills but the resultant scenery makes it worthwhile. Rent a stand-up paddleboard and glide gently along the coastlines and quiet mangroves of Cozumel.

This is a very popular water activity on the island. Rentals are easily found on most of the beaches in the western coast of Cozumel.

31. Kayaking and Canoeing

Similar to paddle boarding, rent a Kayak or Canoe and explore the waters of Cozumel. The calm and crystal-clear waters of the island, make this a very popular activity especially at the beach clubs on the west and south of the island.

The mangroves offer quiet scenic cruise routes which you can try as well. Most beaches like Paradise beach will even offer the Kayak at no extra charge when you book the fun pass.

32. Surfs Up

Learn how to surf with the surf classes offered on the island. The teachers take you to some beaches where there are flat waves or easy waves to catch such as Punta Morena. They start with the fundamentals, show you the ropes, next thing you know, you are catching waves. Easy as that.

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Cozumel’s northeastern coast is great for kite surfing. The beaches on the east have great waves for surfers though risky to swim in, because of the strong currents. If surfing is your kind of thing, then you can be sure to enjoy kiting on the island especially on Passion Island and Playa Norte.

33. Take a Cooking Class

At first glance, one may be forgiven to think that a cooking class on a port day is a waste of time. But if you love food and tasting local cuisines, then this will prove a very good use of your time in port.

Everyone that has tried one of the popular Cozumel cooking classes has had a pleasantly surprising experience. Not only will you learn to cook delicious, mouthwatering Mexican dishes. But you will also learn their history and have a great cultural experience learning the ways of the Mexicans.

34. Go on a Tequila Tour

It’s hard to visit a Mexican island and not sample Tequila. A tour of a tequila factory or museum on the island will teach you how the drink is made from scratch. You will also get plenty of samples and if part of the excursion a nice lunch. This tour will be combined with other tours such as taxi tours and sightseeing tours.

35. Take a Food Tour

When in Cozumel eat like the Cozumelians. The best way to sample what the island has to offer is through a food tour. Luckily, Cozumel has plenty of food tours that take you on an unforgettable gastronomical journey.

Try the chef food tour, where you hit up five popular formal and local eateries.  Or go on the ultimate food tour tasting all the best the Yucatan has to offer. And finally, try making salsa while dancing salsa.

Enjoy the rich Yucatan cuisine that is full of rich Mexican spices and Caribbean flavor. Stuff your face full of meaty empanadas, shrimp tacos and grilled freshly caught fish. Wash it down with a cerveza or margaritas

36. Live it Up at Fat Tuesdays

The only fat you are getting from Fat Tuesdays is the good kind of Fat.  Fatten your heart with laughter, good vibes, and great food. Located conveniently and invitingly near the cruise port is this popular food joint.

The atmosphere here is always fun and is a nice place to jumpstart or finalize your port day on the right notch. The food, music, and service are fantastic, and you are sure to enjoy yourself.

37. Eat Italian at Guido’s

Want to hang out with some of the crew members? Then Guido’s is the place to grab a bite or hang around while in port. Go for the delicious food, stay for the beautiful atmosphere. Break the norm and try Italian in the middle of Mexico.

You will have it like you never have before. Guido’s is one of the most authentic Italian restaurants that you will ever eat at. Enjoy mouth-watering dishes like their lasagna, octopus appetizer, garlic bread, and pizza of course.

38. Drink at the Three Amigos

As the name suggests, you and your amigos are in for a fun time at the Three Amigos. Located on the right side of the cruise dock, this is the perfect place to grab a drink, relax and enjoy the views of the beautiful ocean and the cruise vessels.

The colorful and artistic décor of the bar provides excellent photos ops. Enjoy a cold drink with some great beef/chicken tacos while enjoying the view of the place.

39. Eat local at Pancho’s Backyard

Good food and great atmosphere go hand in hand, and that’s what you get at Pancho’s Backyard. Also, found near the cruise ship dock, this authentic Mexican restaurant serves you some of the best Mexican dishes on the island.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated to embody the energetic, wild Mexican spirit. Embrace Mexico and all its flavors at the beautiful Pancho’s backyard.

40. Discover Mexico Park Cozumel

A crash course on Cozumel is what you get at the Discover Mexico Park. This park combines all of Cozumel’s attributes. Starting with the history, arts, culture, food, and way of life of the people of Cozumel.

Visit a museum, see some miniature architecture of the island, explore traditions, enjoy music, sample the food and enjoy the gardens.

41. Encounter with Dolphins

Did you know that killer whales are dolphins? Yes, contrary to their name, Killer whales belong to the dolphin family. This and other interesting facts about the second most intelligent species after humans is what you get to learn at the Dolphin sanctuaries in Cozumel.

You will also get a chance to play and interact with these creatures for an amazing lifetime experience.

42. Swim with the Manatees at Chankanaab

How does a chance to lay on the beach, snorkel, zip line, dive, get a spa treatment or swim with dolphins sound? It sounds like a perfect day in port. That’s what Chankanaab adventure park offers. Great attractions such as underwater caves and a coral filled lagoon make this one of the best places to visit in Cozumel.

At this park, everything happens at your own pace. Forget rushed excursions slow down and enjoy everything. A day pass allows you to experience one or all of these activities on the same day.

43. Float on an Underground River in Xcaret

Another all in one port day experience lies in Xcaret.  This eco-archeological park set in 200 acres of land is one of the most popular excursions in Cozumel. The experience here is amazing.

Float on a 2 km stretch of underground river, snorkel, visit archeological sites, swim with dolphins, turtles, sharks, explore the beaches, swim in natural pools, explore the aviary life, flora and fauna and finish off with a taste of authentic Yucatan cuisine. The list is endless.

Xcaret is in Playa Del Carmen which makes for a whole day event. You have to take a ferry to Playa Del Carmen, then a short bus ride to the park. Tip: if you can don’t miss the dinner show.

44. Cozumel Pearl Farm

Visit the only pearl farm in the Caribbean which is a protected area that is home to pearl-producing oysters. It’s located on the northern shores of the island between a lagoon and the Caribbean.

It features an extended sandbar with crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming or just floating by. The snorkeling on the nearby reef is exceptional with many fishes to explore. This farm which is only accessible by boat is a one-of-a-kind place that you shouldn’t miss.

45. Get a Taste of Pure Chocolate at Cacao Company

Visit an authentic Mayan Cacao Company and enjoy tasty chocolate made from scratch. This tour lets you in on Mayan history behind chocolate making and how it was used. Fun fact, chocolate beans were a major currency for the community.

After the fun tour and sampling session head over to the gift shop. Here you can buy a wide variety of cacao products including soaps, sauces, drinks, and chocolate bars. This tour will leave you informed, entertained and surprisingly with new gardening tools as well.

46. Explore the Island’s Art

Islands are inspirational places for artists, and as such, you can expect to find the most thought evoking trance-inducing, and awe-inspiring art pieces in them. Cozumel is one such place and collecting unique art pieces is a way to appreciate the island’s beauty.

Visit Galo’s art studio where the charming art will invite you in, and the endearing personality will make you stay.

47. Make Salsa and Dance Salsa at Playa Mia

Have you ever wanted to learn salsa dancing? Then this food-dance combo class in Playa Mia is the thing for you. Here you will get a two in one experience in the art of making salsa and salsa dancing.

Enjoy the salsas you make with delicious tacos and quesadillas and wash that down with a tasty margarita. Then head over to Grand beach at Playa Mia for an afternoon of relaxation.

48. Shop at Los Cinco de Soles

You can easily spend a day at Los Cinco de Soles.  A market for authentic Mayan craft and souvenirs. Los Cinco soles meaning five suns features a collection of a myriad of Mayan, Aztec and Mexican handcrafts.

Designed with intricate patterns and decorations to represent their heritage. Silver, jewelry, clothing, spices, tequila, and chocolates are just some of the items you will find in this store. It is located at the waterfront a few blocks from downtown San Miguel. The store itself is picturesque imitating an old Hacienda look.

49. Duty-Free Shopping

Bring your dollars and pesos and get ready to shop till you drop. Though Cozumel has some of the highest prices in the entire Yucatan Peninsula, you can enjoy duty-free shopping in San Miguel which is a mostly duty-free shopping zone.

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Buy watches, jewelry, leather goods, hammocks, clothes, precious stones, tequila and spices at good prices. And have something to take home.

50. Shop at Diamonds International

Diamonds International is not a household name without reason. Visit the store which is also present in Cozumel and enjoy great discounts on jewelry and tanzanite products. Much more affordable than buying in the US.

51. Shop for Supplies at Mega

The shops onboard a cruise ship can be limited and expensive when it comes to essential supplies including snacks, medication, and accessories. The best place to go during a port visit at Cozumel is the Mega Supermarket. It’s just like going to Walmart where you can get everything you need. You can see what people think of Mega over at Trip Advisor.

52. Tee off at Cozumel Country Club Golf

Go golfing on the perfectly manicured golf course on the island’s country club. It’s the island’s only golf course, but it’s one of the best courses you will ever play at. It’s challenging and draws a good game out of you. You can rent clubs and can get a free pass if you stay at Playa Azul.

Travel golf gear can be bought online before your cruise vacation.

Most of the other beach clubs offer discounts too. However, as a cruise guest on the port for a day, you will probably shell out the full price. Other golf courses are found in the nearby Playa del Carmen, which has at least six of them.

53. Giddy Up at Rancho Buenavista

Go on a scenic tour of the island on horseback. Awaken the Indiana Jones in you in a tour of the jungle and Mayan ruins. Explore the ruins, jungle, visit a Mayan village and finish up with a leisurely gallop on the beach. All this from Rancho Buenavista located in Quintana Roo district.

54. Fly High at Adventure Zip Line

Fly high above Cozumel’s forest canopy on a zip line course at the Fly High Adventure Park. The zip line features a six-course 2400-foot-long zip line course erected 60 feet above the ground. Soar high enjoying a bird’s eye view of the island and surrounding environs.

Then do it all over again on a repeat cycle. Once you are done, relax at the El Ceiba Beach which is just a walking distance from the cruise ship terminal.

55. Go Parasailing

Try parasailing on the island. Get as high as 600-feet above the waters of Cozumel as you fly high, suspended from a parachute while being pulled along by a speedboat.

This is a popular activity on the beach clubs at the western coast of the island. Feel the burst of adrenaline of this activity and have something to write home about.

56. See Sea Turtle Hatching

If you are in Cozumel between May and October, then visit the windward side of the island. Apart from enjoying the beautiful coastline and beaches, you will also get a chance to experience the miracle of life.

During the sea turtle hatching season, many loggerhead and hawksbill turtle species migrate to the island to lay eggs on the beach.  You can save a turtle by digging out turtles which are trapped under the 3-feet of sand their mother covered them with for protection.

Helping ecologists safely dig the ones which are stuck in the sand makes for an incredible experience and a chance to learn. This is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s also a great sensitization on marine life conservation.

57. Visit the Spa

Relax as a skilled masseuse gently works on your body straightening the knots and pinches to relieve tension. There are plenty of massage tables at the beach clubs on the island.

Splurge a little and treat yourself to a day of total relaxation and pampering Caribbean style. Cut costs by taking an equally quality experience back in the ship at a discounted spa day deal.

58. Tie the Knot!

Fancy an exotic wedding location? Why not try Cozumel? A wedding ceremony on a beach makes for the perfect romantic location. A lot of the beach clubs on the western coast of the island offer wedding packages even if you are in port for a day.

You can contract reputable local wedding planners, who can arrange it in the beautiful east coast, where the miles and miles of sand on deserted beaches create the perfect intimate and gorgeous environment for such an occasion.

59. Ferry to Playa Del Carmen

If you have already enjoyed Cozumel’s beauty before and want to try something else, then visit Playa del Carmen. It’s located on the opposite side of the island and is only a 45minute ferry ride away. The best attractions in Playa Del Carmen include azure Cenotes, soft sandy beaches, more Mayan ruins, and Xcaret park.

60. Stay Onboard the Ship

Ships are becoming more bigger as the days go by and I bet you are yet to explore the vessel in its entirety. Staying back in the ship on a port day would give you the best chance to explore and discover even secret gems aboard.

Staying back also means you have the ship to yourself or a few others without the crowds. Enjoy the ship’s attractions without queuing, hit your favorite restaurants, the spa and whirlpools while enjoying great port day discounts.

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Ready for Cozumel, Mexico?

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the endless possibilities in Cozumel start planning your trip. As much as this piece covered interesting things to do in Cozumel, it’s by no chance an exhaustive one.

Visit and discover more for yourself. Just remember to enjoy the experiences and not rush to do everything. Happy Cruising!!

Here are all the things you can do in Cozumel, Mexico for cruise passengers when the ship is in port. Plenty of cruise and travel tips including Cozumel excursions and beaches.

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