10 Police Secrets to Catching Drunk Drivers Revealed!

10 Police Secrets to Catching Drunk Drivers Revealed!

Officer “X” Reveals His Top Methods For Making His DUI Quota.

I was visiting Alabama last week and met up with an old co-worker. She’s married to a cop, and we got to talking about how police catch the bad guys. Steve said his squad has a lot of secrets to catching drunk drivers. Since conviction of a first Alabama DUI can mean up to one year in prison, a fine of up to $2,100 and the suspension of your driver’s license for 90 days, you’ll want to make sure you aren’t part of the quota for Officer “X.”

1. Be very careful in Alabama: Their DUI law doesn’t require a drunk driver be caught driving the car! Just the fact that you’re in the car and able to operate it may be all that police need to arrest you. It’s not a secret, really – unless you don’t know the law, that is! Be aware of this Catch-22.

2. Don’t sleep it off in the park – the cops cruise through there regularly. Don’t sleep it off in any public place. It might ultimately be a lot cheaper to just rent a motel room for the night.

3. Drive safely. You have to make a driving mistake in order to be pulled over. If you’re driving safely and courteously, the cops won’t suspect you. Did you know that, if you’re driving unsafely, even if you haven’t been drinking, you can still be charged with an Alabama DUI?

4. Do not take a field sobriety test. If you’re unlucky enough to get pulled over, and the police ask you to walk-and-turn, or do the one-leg test, it is your right to say no, because it’s completely voluntary. Don’t take the bait!

5. Watch out for the bouncer. Police will often bribe the bouncer to tip them off to the people who might be drunk. Police have a quota to fill, you know!

6. Don’t go to the liquor store after you’ve had a few. Police will regularly cruise around liquor stores. If someone’s been drinking, just parking poorly will tip off the cops, let alone if they see someone fumbling to open their car door.

7. Keep your cool at roadblocks and checkpoints. They’re not a very effective method of catching drunk drivers, as only about.03% of the drivers turn out to be drunk. It’s really just a bait and switch method for meeting their DUI quota, because the cops are watching and waiting up the road for you to turn around and leave as though you have something to hide.

8. If you’re on parole, make sure you’re stone-cold sober when you see your parole officer. A lot of police officers have parole officers for friends, and friends share information. If you’re a DUI parolee, especially if you live in a small town, you’re already on the police radar.

9. And if you are a DUI parolee, remember you’re not supposed to frequent establishments that serve alcohol, except for ball parks, concerts, etc. Stay clean even when you visit these places, because there are always a lot of cops there!

10. Call a cab. The second-shift cops always cruise around bars and clubs after closing time, looking for suspects. It will be much cheaper – and safer – to call a cab instead.

Source by Merel Johnson


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