YOU WANT TO MARRY A COLOMBIAN ??? Ooh Boy Watch This !!!

YOU WANT TO MARRY A COLOMBIAN  ??? Ooh Boy Watch This !!!

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  1. Harvey Lewis

    4:56 I agree with these ladies about how cold people are in different countries. Here in America we may have the coldest people alive because human life is not valued in this country but materialistic things are. The women here in America are nothing compared to these beautiful souls in Columbia, the majority of women in America are feminist and don’t love their men at all.

    I will travel in South America to find my wife because I had enough of the women here in America.

  2. mac 450

    The most selfesh-self centered thing she said is she would not leave cause she loves her family so much. What about him and his family- Selfesh!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do I love colombia so much? Because its the only country I know- correct answer. Not true if they dont know you they will walk away from you in a heart beat and tell you I dont know you bye!!!

  3. IFR Rating

    –>WHITE MEN BE-CAREFUL OF COLOMBIAN WOMEN. DO NOT Give them YOUR MONEY. I've witnessed IT many times. I hear from most of my White Men friends that almost all Colombian Women either turn out to be GOLD Digger Or End up Cheating on them Or Disappear forever after they helped them settle either in Colombia or in the USA. I hear that MOST of the Colombian Women are Interested ONLY for the White Men because they assume it is highly likely that they are great providers. I live in the USA East Coast, and the majority of White Men were surprised when almost all of their Colombian women turned out to be a GOLD DIGGER. My 12 male white friends have either married or made them into a fiance and when they come to me (thinking I'm Colombian) whining that they have been taken advantage of. WHITE MEN BEWARE OF COLOMBIAN WOMEN. VERY SOON THESE FEW BAD MANZANAS WILL GIVE ALL COLOMBIAN WOMEN A BAD RAP AND THAT IS SO UNFORTUNATE.

  4. IFR Rating

    Funny how they want a "western" man to stay with them. It says alot how things are shifting the other way. Traditional Spanish cultures (even in western cultures) have been that Women follow their husbands to make their own nest, but now they somehow think this should take a drastic change for the worst.

    Also, Nobody is talking about the local disadvantaged men of color (especially black men)

    Colombia Girls are quickly influenced and obsessed with the western way of life so of-course they are going to prefer a western man over a local man (especially black) almost all the time. In the meantime, the men over there are left with an unfair disadvantage.

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