Welcome to Turkey

Welcome to  Turkey

The most beautiful and interesting country in the world turkey :)enjoy our beautiful country with pictures of some turkish cities like istanbul antalya ankara alanya …



  1. serbian sparta

    CONSTANTINOPLE WAS ORTHODOX,you disgausting pigs polluted Holy Byzantine land,but we will kick you back to middle east,just like we kick you from Balkan in 1912! SERBIAN,GREEK,BULGARIAN,ROMANIAN AND UKRAIN ARMY WILL BRING ISLAM TO HIS KNEES!

  2. KingTV34

    what do you mean dumbas, 80% of the time thats the point of war retard, and all countries did that back then you faggot. Anyways if we didnt conquer OUR LAND TURKEY, we still would have a huge freaking piece of land cuz of the ottoman empire so fuk off you greek crap garbage bastard.

  3. serbian sparta

    Ottoman fall,and turkey will fall! You are just bunch of ugly barbarians who belive in words of pedophile mohamed who stole idea from Christianity! Constantinople will be CAPITAL OF ALL ORTHODOX WORLD! All mosques will be destroyed and all muslims kicked to middle east!

  4. alfat0omega

    Visit ‘hospitable’ Turkey but do not make the fatal mistake to complain about the mistreatment you are about to receive… “Mr Copson jumped in to protect girlfriend Erin Brown, 18, after angry shop staff started lobbing, belts, bags and shoes at her following a row over a refund on a faulty bag last week.  But as Callum stepped in to shield Erin from the onslaught a 14-year-old local boy snatched up a knife, dashed into the shop and plunged the blade into Mr Copson's stomach then fled. Read more: “have a nice vacation in Turkey now … you have been warned … 

  5. Aggouris Dionisis

    I don't have a lot to say but … a country that welcomes a man and a woman with a different way, because of its religious beliefs is not  a "beautiful and interesting country". First you have to learn what is the equallity of the two genders. Second, you have to learn that your European visitors would like to drink alcohol. We like beers, wine, whisky… I don't uderstand why it is forbidden ? 

  6. Aps Apsmike

    "With the ongoing security situation in southeast Turkey and the possibility of spontaneous demonstrations, the US Embassy reminds US citizens to maintain a high level of vigilance, avoid demonstrations, review personal security plans and be aware of your surroundings," the embassy said on its website.

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