Welcome to Dubai 2017

Welcome to Dubai 2017

Dubai, the city that has risen from the desert sands has become the ultimate luxury holiday destination. In this documentary our presenters Tom Urquhart, …



  1. mustaf ghulame

    I recently attended the Pharmaceutical Regulatory Summit as a speaker which was held at The Address Dubai Marina.
    it was my first visit to Dubai alone I was feeling insecure travelling alone from airport to hotel with a male driver , I was so surprised to be welcomed in Dubai by a woman pink taxi driver.
    when I reached Dubai Marina the hotel staff were so helpful my 5 day stay was pure heaven I truly enjoyed each moment the food the culture the people made a few friends.
    I do feel 5 days is not enough to see everything , I felt very sad leaving Dubai I have left my heart there and as soon as I landed back in London I have started to set uo a business in Dubai and wish to go back for a holiday later this year .

    LoVe you Dubai truly a sensational captivating experience just out of this world ..❤

  2. Karen Alman

    Dubai is only for shopping, I took a trip there and got bored after 4 hours. I only liked the beach, in the mall everyones materialistic, phony people. I feel bad for the regular living people, they get treated like slaves

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