Want To Know More About Cruises and Cruise Ships?

Want To Know More About Cruises and Cruise Ships?

Today, Norm Goldman Editor of, is pleased to have as a guest of Douglas Ward, author of Ocean Cruising & Cruise Ships 2005, now into his twenty year of publication, published by Berlitz Publishing.

Thank you Douglas for accepting our invitation to be interviewed.

Norm: Douglas could you tell us something about yourself and why did you want to write a book about cruising and cruise ships?

Douglas: I had worked aboard passenger ships for 17 years before forming an association of cruise passengers, who were looking for more comparative information about cruise ships and cruising. So was born the idea for the book, which started with 120 ships and 256 pages. Today, after 20 years, the book has grown to include 256 ocean-going ships, 656 pages, and half a million words.

Norm: I noticed your first book on cruises and cruise ships was published twenty years ago, and you have been updating your book every year. How do you go about gathering material every year for these updates and how long does it take you to update your annual book?

Douglas: First, it takes me a minimum of three hours a day, every single day of the year, just to keep the book refreshed, up-to-date, and accurate. I also travel extensively, as much as 250 days each year. So, of course, I write while I am traveling, visiting, and sailing aboard the world's cruise ships.

Norm: What makes cruises so appealing to honeymooners?

Douglas: Cruises take the hassle out of planning a honeymoon, particularly with regard to language, cuisine / meals, entertainment, and so many other things that go towards making a honeymoon a fine, affordable vacation, and a complete escape from the pressures of life ashore. Actually, it's also a good way to find out how a newlywed couple cope with living in a small space.

Norm: Are you seeing more weddings performed on cruise ships laTely? What should cruisers know about cruise ship weddings?

Douglas: By nature of their (out of the ordinary) appeal, more weddings are being performed aboard cruise ships today, simply because there is so much help at hand. The larger cruise lines have personnel dedicated to handling weddings and honeymoons, and the instant support of other personnel in cruise line head offices to draw from. Weddings can, in other words, be tailor fully to the individuals concerned (and without the interference of well-meaning parents and other family members who can create stress and pressure on couples about to under, what is for many, the most important ceremony of their lives).

Norm: With so many cruise abilities, how does one go about choosing a cruise and what should people take into consideration before deciding on any one cruise?

Douglas: Choosing a cruise successfully depends on one's personal requirements and expectations from a vacation. First-time cruise goers would be well advised to talk to an established cruise booking specialist, who will be able to help you to choose the right ship and cruise, for the right reasons, taking into account your personal tastes and socio-economic considerations. There are so many choices today that there should be a ship and cruise to suit even the most demanding and finicky of people. Perhaps the first decision, however, should be to establish how many days you can take for your vacation (including traveling days to get to the ship), and then think about the area you would like to cruise in. The most popular regions include the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Norwegian fjords and Baltic ports, and Southeast Asia / Australasia. Those with more time who want more involvement with nature should consider visiting Antarctica or the Arctic regions (you would ideally need about three weeks). Then there is perhaps the ultimate in long distance cruising

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