Visiting Asia

Visiting Asia

If you are among those who have not had an opportunity to come to the Asian region, I suggest you make your next vacation an Asian vacation. Not only will you have the time of your life in your Asian vacation, but you will also discover the joys of a whole new culture and way of life. Make that several new cultures, as nearly each country in the Asian region have its own, unique culture which is guarded and zealously protected.

The region of Asia is a great place for Western travellers to visit because it offers fabulous value for money. Every region of Asia is hungry for US dollars, and will offer great exchange rates. Also, Asia is a great place to find deals on clothing and electronics, and the practice of bartering is widely used, so never accept the first price you are quoted as you can probably get an item for less.
The more important reason to go on an Asian vacation is of course, the diversity of the region. With two of the world’s most populous nations, the Asian region has an amazingly diverse breadth and scope to offer the traveler. Take India for instance. While here on your Asian vacation, you will discover that a single lifetime is not sufficient to explore all that India has to offer. You can either go the scenic route, the historical route, the cultural route, the religious route, the natural beauty route, the spa and health route or even the emerging, resurgent India route. But your Asian vacation better set aside a chunk of time to cover India alone.

China is an enormous country, with millions of places to see. You may probably want to at least see one or two of China’s major cultural or economic hubs: Tibet, Hong Kong or Taiwan. Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or you just want to see some of the beauty of the region you will not be disappointed.

If you’d rather stay in the more industrial regions of Asia, where you can find easy access to amenities as well as having less of a struggle with the language (there are more English speaking people in the major cities) then you will want to focus your trip on areas of Singapore and Tokyo, Japan. Here you will find some similarities between this interesting culture but with more Westernization. If you decide during your vacation that you want to see some more of the cultural aspects of this great region, then you can easily find these things within the town, or even shortly outside it. Wherever you choose to go, you will have a great time and come home with excellent memories.

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