Visit Vancouver – The DON’Ts of Vancouver, BC Canada

Visit Vancouver – The DON’Ts of Vancouver, BC Canada

Vancouver is an Incredible City with Lots of Outdoor Activities, Good Restaurants & Microbreweries. There is so much to do and see in the city that a visitor to …



  1. smegheadtacos

    Walter, glad you came to our city man. Keep up the good work.
    Vancouver is a great place to live and visit.

    I was born and raised in Vancouver and the surrounding area, and I live here to this day

    East van, it can be a sketchy area, DEPENDING on where you are. The trouble area people are talking about is about a 3 block radius on a single street, east Hastings.
    If you walk 1-2 blocks away from that area you hit some of the richest areas in Vancouver, including gastown. If your visiting Vancouver, be aware of this, and don’t let it stop you from visiting all the clubs, bars, restaurants, stores, and event centres that rub shoulders with that area. It’s perfectly safe

    The shoe thing is the exception not the rule. Most people are perfectly fine with shoes on in the home.

    A lot of people and local restaurants go to Granville island for fresh produce, meat, and beer brewed right on the island. I’d recommend seeing show while your there. We have an art college on Granville island so there’s often unique shows that happen there. Last year while I was down there buying some locally raised pork belly from the market I saw a one man Batman show for example.
    It is not just for tourists
    I’d say the only place that is strictly touristy is gastown.

    Want to enjoy Canada’s cultural mosaic? Hit china town, or the Richmond nightmarket

    Vancouver island
    a ferry ride away and worth seeing. I’d rent a vehicle when you get onto the island and spending a day in tofino. Tofino is a fishing and surfing community and is well worth the visit.
    Of course there is also Victoria, British Columbia’s capital. Lots to see here, manors (which tourism will tell you are castles), gardens, amazing food, high tea at the empress hotel, whale watching, fishing, clubs, pubs, LOTS of shopping. It’s worth 2-3 nights for sure.

    It’s a 4-5 hour drive through the mountains from Vancouver. It’s a stunning drive that can be hazardous in the winter. In the summer the roads are fine. Take the coquihalla highway.
    There are places to stop and get out along the way to stretch your legs and enjoy the sights.
    Eventually rainforests will give way to a much drier climate.
    Once there, Kelowna has some of the nicest lakeside beaches in B.C.
    It’s a much smaller community than Vancouver but because of that it has a little more charm (that does not mean that is is a small city).
    There is lots of shopping and food but the beaches and the water sports are the main show here.
    Go parasailing, hit a casino, take in a show. Lots to do in Kelowna. I make the drive about 4 times a year. My grandparents moved there after they found the lack of moisture (read less rain) helped with their arthritis.

    Everyone has access to tripadvisor so I’m just gonna make a few personal recommendations off the top of my head:

    Any falafel, donair, japadog, or poutine shop.

    Food trucks are big in Vancouver and are always worth a gander

    That’s just the very tip of the iceberg.
    I’d suggest looking at ticket master and stub hub before you come to get a better idea what shows are being put on at the big theatres and concert halls.

  2. Qidward

    The don't's of Surrey,BC
    1. Don't be racist. That's how you get jumped
    2.Don't be rude to ANYONE. That's how you get jumped.
    3. Don't associate with any suspicious characters. That's how you get shot by association and another car gets dumped and burned.
    4. Don't drive in sketchy areas at night. That's how your kid in the back seat gets shot and killed by a random bullet.
    5. Don't pick up the ugly daytime hookers. That's how you get STD'S and most don't even have teeth.
    6.Don't skip out on the pizza. We have some of the best pizza places in BC here.
    7. Don't stay in our motels unless you like bloody dirty sheets and bedbugs, moldy sealings and floors, and massive cockroach and rat infestations.
    8. If you want you kid to be builled,tramatised,loose their childhood inocences and start doing drugs to cope with the fear and crippling anxiety given by horrible kids, Disgustingly demoralized teachers and abusive principals at the age of 9, don't send your kids to elementary schools here.
    9. This is common sense but do not walk barefoot unless you want to step on broken glass, rusty nails and used nitals..

  3. Nic H

    Vancouver (Downtown) is a one of a kind city, its incredible growth in popularity, population and development has resulted in a city that feels about as modern and architecturally advanced as you can find in North America. Pair its overall aesthetic with its location being off the coast, surrounded by mountains and islands, you really have to go there to get the true feeling behind the city. Definitely worth visiting.

  4. SaltyGoatFish

    To any tourists visiting Vancouver: DO NOT go to the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Save your money, it is extremely overpriced for what it is. Instead, go to Capilano River Regional Park which is free and it has similar views. Even Lynn Canyon Park has great views of the canyon, which is also free.

    Great job on the video, very detailed.

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