Visit Top American Vacation Destinations Through Travel Club Memberships

Visit Top American Vacation Destinations Through Travel Club Memberships

As a member of an exclusive travel club you can enjoy America’s top vacation destinations of immense natural beauty. Some of the most popular American vacation spots are mountains, beaches, and natural wonders. Americans love golf, snow skiing and water sports, coastal and inland. There are art festivals and museums, film studios and amusement and theme parks which are also hot vacation spots. The numerous mountain areas are favorite getaways for tourists in America. These areas are full of the natural beauty of rugged terrain and pristine national forests and parks which offer numerous activities such as snow skiing, hiking, shooting the rapids, golf, tennis and hot-air ballooning just to name a few that are ideal for family holidays and getaways.

Through a travel club membership you can enjoy all of these activities in 4 and 5 star resorts located for example in the Catskills, Pocono mountains, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Vail, Winterpark and Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If golf is your passion, a good travel club will offer a long list of exclusive golf resorts all over the country in places like Florida, Palm Springs and Capistrano Beach, California, Hawaii and Phoenix, Arizona.

Travel club memberships should also offer a long list of 4 and 5 star resorts in Las Vegas for those who enjoy the fun and excitement of state of the art gaming activities and a glamorous nightlife.

Two of the favorite vacation spots in America are Hawaii and Florida. You can choose from hundreds of resorts near beautiful beaches and clear blue oceans as well as inland resorts near Disney World and all of the other inland amusement attractions in Orlando. Resort accommodations are condominiums with full kitchens, living areas and up to 4 bedrooms. Perfect for romantic getaways or family vacations. Pricing is normally for 7 nights and 8 days and is at least 75%-80% off of retail.

A large percentage of a travel club’s vacation destination offerings are not available to the public, even through companies such as Travelocity and Expedia. Most memberships pay for themselves from the savings gleaned from taking just one trip. Members of travel clubs enjoy access to timeshare owners’ properties without the expense of purchasing and maintaining the property and without being subject to blackout dates and limited use.

One need not travel to distant lands to experience diversity. America is rich with its own beauty, history, and cuisine. This country is a myriad of diverse cultures which paint the beautiful mosaic we call the United States. Visiting new places within your own country is just as thrilling, exciting, fun and educational as traveling to a foreign country.

Purchasing a travel club membership will open the door for experiencing the vast array of climates, terrains, history and cultures of the many wonderful aspects our beautiful country has to offer.

Using your membership for family vacations will create experiences that you and your children will never forget. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of our family vacations. I wish we could have taken more!

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