Visit Reykjavik – What to See & Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Visit Reykjavik – What to See & Do in Reykjavik, Iceland

Visiting Reykjavik, Iceland & Want to Know What to See & Do? Here we give you 11 things that any tourists would love to see and visit when they visit the Capital …



  1. Bill Green

    Mark, not only do you make your videos so interesting, they are also cinematographical masterpieces. Great scenes all around Iceland. Great shots at the Blue Lagoon. Thank you for listening to your fans as to what they want in a video.

  2. istheseattaken

    New subscriber here. One question: how the hell does he go to so many countries in such a short period? Is he sponsored? Just rich? Also, does he and his family go to all these countries over the period of a few months creating an archive and posting them when appropriate or does he travel to all these countries consecutively?

  3. Liquid Swan

    I was there for a week last October, we did the golden circle (Þingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss), Jökulsárlón, the Blue Lagoon, and did a lot of just wandering around Reykjavík exploring everything, we even saw the American embassy which had huge concrete blocks in front of it and a security guard told us no photos. We took them anyways lol. We got a great deal, it cost me $1150 CDN to fly straight from Vancouver BC, Canada, and stay on Laugevegur near the bus station there for the trip, we just had to cover food after that and museums and we rented a car from SADcars, which was cheap but the vehicle was pretty old. One of my most memorable trips I've taken. 10/10 want to go again ASAP

  4. Scott

    Hey Mark, I just came back from Ireland and took a boat out of Dingle Harbor to see Fungi, the famous bottlenose dolphin. Fungi was swimming (racing) between the different sightseeing boats lined on opposite sides and the viewing was superb! Did you ever see Fungi?

  5. Norse Gringo


    Too bad Reykjavik has become the most expensive capitol in Europe. There are two reasons: the tourism boom and the strong Krona. They jailed their bankers after 2008 and took currency generations away from private central banks, which is the biggest obstetrical most countries have to prosperity.

  6. Jeremy Jo

    Need help please… I will be making a quick stop at Keflavik International Airport en route to Oslo. My layover is for twenty-six (26) hours only, which I did on purpose just to really get a little taste of Reykjavik. My trips to Europe always make a stop there for a few hours so this time I thought I'd extend it. Can you please suggest where I can spend a good portion of my layover, where to stay overnight, including transportation maybe. I like the idea of checking out the old town, having local drinks and cuisine, and a little shopping. It's a good thing I get to Keflavik before 9:00 AM mid September, so I will have all day to explore. Thank you in advance. Thanks for the video post by the way. Thumbs up!

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