United Airlines | 777-200 | Economy Plus | Trip report | IAD-BRU | 60fps |

United Airlines | 777-200 | Economy Plus | Trip report | IAD-BRU | 60fps |

Hey guys! And welcome back to another trip report that I spent more than 2 weeks on, these things aren’t easy to edit! I am really happy with this report and I had …



  1. Chris Kuchnicki

    As a fmr FA, (for the above airline) I can tell you I loved getting aviation enthusiasts such as yourself on board (because I'm an airline geek myself) and would give you guys tours of the cockpit and all around, but unfortunately I worked with some who were a little uptight with rules. Please understand in regards to cameras there has been a lot of miscommunication around the industry about what's allowed and what isn't and some FA's haven't gotten the memo that we cannot stop you from recording. Unfortunately we aren't even allowed to prevent you from recording us, as we were told in my recurrent before I left the industry. That said, the laws have changed back and forth and with international flying, things vary from country to country. (just wanted to give you insight as to the lack of consistency with people there) In the future, if they ask, just tell them you're an aviation enthusiast and mean no harm, and they're welcome to see your equipment and show them your channel. I wish more FA's would lighten up over this as a terrorist is already going to know what the cabin looks like and what they want to do. Nice video!

  2. tibbley

    Hi. I'm sorry that some people write some horrible silly comments. Do whatever you want in life my friend. One question…how did you speed up video when taking pic of wings and outside…time lapse on camera??

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