Travel Skills: Cruising

Travel Skills: Cruising

Check your local public television station for this Rick Steves’ Europe episode or watch it on Setting …



  1. Alan Bodker

    I really enjoy Rick's videos and tips and in fact we have used his suggestions for tour guides in Italy which was great. I've taken Rick's books to France, Croatia and Venice and enjoyed an experience that we could not get from a group tour. We also enjoy cruising and although I agree with Rick's comments about port time there are smaller ships such as Azamara Club Cruises which spend more than one day in many ports allowing guests to experience the culture, food and local flavor, coupled with small group tours or private tours Azamara Club Cruises gives the cruiser a great experience. Their three ships offer speciality dining, White night parties and land excursions to their 600 guests. So if you're looking for an intimate upscale cruise line check out Azamara Club Cruises.

  2. Stephen Kriso

    Rick Steves always does a great job and always enjoy watching his shows, even the reruns. I think cruises are a great alternative to the bus tours where you are in multiple hotels and on and off the bus. At least on the cruise, you unpack once.

  3. TomJeffersonWasRight

    The crew make all the ports several times a month, and know all the best places to enjoy. The deck officers are famous for knowing where to have a good time. Just ask them about what you want. And if you are too late your departure, there are often fast boats that can catch the ship, if it will pause to let you board, but oh, how you will pay for the convenience.

  4. Yankee de Dandy

    Sitting in Dubrovnic at the shore, I could still smell cruise ships long after they were gone. Awful. I get that a cruise ship is attractive as a travel option, but man, talk about environmental polluting behemoths. I could never relax on a cruise ship, knowing how much heavy oil is being burned and how cities are overrun when they hit a harbor. Ouch, I sound like a greenie here, but I'm not.

  5. Marcus LeeP

    Thank you Rick for this show…I have been asked by many people about cruising. And I have told many people to look at your show.. It is nice to get the most of their time on a ship. Thank you so much for continuing to educate travelers…

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