Top Things to See & Do in Bursa, Turkey

Top Things to See & Do in Bursa, Turkey

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  1. zamrudgermstone

    this visit will be the 2nd. the 1st visit was 10 years ago and the places visited are istanbul, kapadokia, pamukkale, antalya and kusadasi for 12 days. you are very true,,, turkiye is very beautiful and have a lot amazing things to explore and enjoy. bursa,,, wait….wait….wait… oh yes… i luv your presentation.. tq

  2. Ahmet Sezer

    Good video mate ! though next time consider visiting Uludag and use ''teleferik'' (cable car), visit Cumalikizik village, Golyazi village, Iznik , Mudanya, Arap Sukru street, trekking activities on the outskirts of Uludag ,  Trilye OMG! , visit a tea garden by mountain road any evening to watch entire city, visit a tea house  in Kozahan or Bedirhan or princhan or fidanhan omg a lot i know :), visit suuctu waterfall , eat gozleme in  saitabat or misi village or visit them for a breakfast or even picnic lol.. and Bursa Grand Bazaar , Irgandi bridge , Tophane for the tombs of founders of Ottomans  … omg how can i forget Gemlik to have some fish or Oylat to have some Spa treatment or any other famous Turkish bath inside Bursa, Kervansaray, KaraMustafa, Demirtas , Setbasi Mahfel to have a relaxing evening perhaps ? I'm sure ill still miss something as there are a lot to do in beautiful Bursa which i miss a lot !

  3. A. W. A.

    thank you, … I won't comment, you've done good job. Bursa brought the idea of heaven, I have never seen 600 years old tree and that is a remarkable sight of the Turkish, imagine 6000 (six thousands years tree), so what about ten times that tree so (60 thousand), too many great things in heaven are growing while we are in earth incapable to witness that unless we die, Muslims probably are in life jail even if they are kings in a particular land because the lowest Muslim will have ten times an earth king would have, old jew who follow mosses before jesus came and also old christens before mohammed came, and after mohammed only muslims who believe in Holy Book the Quran, God saying.

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