Top 10 Things to DO in KYOTO Japan | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

Top 10 Things to DO in KYOTO Japan | WATCH BEFORE YOU GO

TOP 10 Things to Do in Kyoto Japan Guide. This Kyoto guide tours Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Gion, Hanamikoji, Pontocho and Nishiki market …



  1. Casper V.


    Me and my girlfriend are going to japan this summer and i want to propose to her there!

    Actually i want to do a photo shoot in kyoto in a nice typical japanese place and ask her to marry me in that shoot..

    Can you help me arrange that for me?

    Or know anyone that lives near kyoto that speaks english and would like to help me?


  2. nanjarou103

    Sorry to give a more negative perspective as a local. I see you are energetic and passionate about Japan. I wish you had done more research, though!

    Gion is current facing Tourism Pollution to a level where certain streets have banned photography.
    Starbucks Machiya is not a representation of Kyoto. There are DOZENS of amazing roasters and coffee shops that are local and worth visiting and some are also Machiya. Pretty much everything you have listed are the most touristy spots. If any more people go there then the capacity cannot hold that many tourists. Since you are a famous YouTuber you should take an effort to assist in giving a spotlight on high quality local locations.

    Support local businesses please.

  3. Mireya Kearney

    Paolo, we are going to Japan this year 2020 and Kyoto sounds like the prefect place to explore. Can you tell me if it is easy to learn about the history of the Temples for us English speaking visitors or should we hire a tour guide to learn about each Temple that exists there? Is it easy to get around and communicate with restaurant and store staff/employees? Or, would you suggest that we get a Voice translator app to help with the language barrier? Thanks your video was excellent!

  4. Cherry xx

    I like your videos, your videos are very very nice, and accurate to show Japan. Im japanese , grew up in japan but lived in europe for short time. and i always had and have hard time to explain about japan with words and pictures to non-japanese people but , after I found your videos im just showing your videos to them or I say check your channel . also this kind of video is very good even to japanese people who never visited Kyoto except school trip , I lived around tokyo, I didnt know there is such traditional style starbucks in Kyoto

  5. Instant Flame

    Yo the fucking matcha house is fucking awesome! It’s like sex in your mouth I don’t regret Kyoto fuck Tokyo in my opinion. I live in Tokyo for work on a visa Tokyo sucks. People are shitty and some don’t like foreigners but in Kyoto you’re always welcomed it’s fucking awesome man. Goto Kyoto it’s a good time. For frats and party fuckers goto roppongi in Tokyo.

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