Top 10 reasons to move to San Diego, California. Vacation, Visit or live in San Diego.

Top 10 reasons to move to San Diego, California. Vacation, Visit or live in San Diego.

Top 10 reasons to move to San Diego, California. Vacation, Visit or live in San Diego. . Additional Footage: Drew Armstrong 92021elcajon Matt Grommes …



  1. FelixD cat

    Really!?!? You want to say Mexico and Tijuana is NASTY!!!! Ur a prick!!!!! Mexico has better places then US!! Why do you think more people vacation in MEXICO then in USA as a tourist destination from around the world!!! If you don't like Mexico!!!? Stay out of it!!! PRICK!!!!!

  2. Troy Jones Sr

    San Diego is tops, only negatives like many wealthy places.. Fake people, Everyone seems like a transplant, very expensive.. Weather excellent, drive 3 hours beach, desert and snow in big bear..crazy. There are some nice people true, in fact less racist bullcrap than many places, military is great.. Good people, still human but nobody is perfect.. Homeless is increasing, Meth heads exists.. Liberals allowed so many dumb decisions they had to spray the streets with bleach because of a Hepatitis outbreak, morality is breaking down..they are starting to. Devour the kids through indoctrination to hump anything, even a tree. The school system finally was stopped..they were bringing Islamic prayer mats in schools, making the kids get down on the floor.. Not kidding.. Parents found out later.. If you believe in True Freedom they create their own Ideaology which is pathetic.. It will become worse, the Mayor was already weak, now his term limit is here and three Democratic nuts are running, so it will become crap like New York and San Francisco..more filthy etc. All Politicians are Crooks true, but it's the Ideaology that's sick..there will is a growing have and have not class.. People making decent wages while homes are 500k.. They tax ten cents per bag..theft.. Traffic is crazy in a negative way if not planned out, the Airport is Nice, Food Excellent. Micro Brewery places Great..So living here can be financially tough, you must be wise.. Sea World, Lego Land, Coronado, La Jolla, Del Mar Race Track Great but $$$. Carlsbad Great also.. Oceanside, CA is a bargain and its growing, indoor and outdoor parachuting, Surfing, building a Man made Surf park near their Skate park, they have much to offer for the dollar..these Cities are not far from one another, remember..Traffic. Oh yeah, if your in the water at Mission Bay, don't freak out.. Try not to get sick but people bring their horses into the bay😳😂 Yes, Really😂 P.S. The Middle Class are moving out because they are taxed by the wealthy to support the I said, sick Idealogy..

  3. Kheam Hem

    I hear and see people trash talking about San Diego all the times. Especially former San Diegans that moves to Texas. I’m an owner of Transportation company with 50 truck drivers and I also drive long haul all 48 states including Canada. Most said “ I will never move back to California, a bunch of liberals and commies,the people living in California are some of the rudest people I’ve ever met, taxes are so ridiculously high, who would want to live there, I wish The State of California would sink into the Pacific and it will be the best things for America!” My response “ Do you enjoy fresh vegetables and produce,let’s not forget about beef, do you think the beef you’re dining with comes from Texas only?” 20% of beef consumed in the US and Canada comes from Imperial Valley and let’s not forget vegetables and produce. I also own a good amount of commercial properties in Dallas,San Antonio and Austin, Redmond WA, Seattle WA, Tampa Florida and Port Orange Florida.
    Another interesting thing that most people don’t know is. Florida claims to have fresh Orange juice. Well I’ve picked up fresh picked oranges from San Jaoquin Valley and Palm Springs to Florida for juice extraction than labeled as Florida juice .

  4. Pamela Mays

    You left out the Taco Scene. From small neighborhood taco shops to gourmet taco restaurants, you can definitely get your taco fix here in San Diego. Also, lots of Filipino food eateries are here in San Diego. And with all the recent immigrants from Africa and the Middle East, there are great opportunities to sample food from every corner of the world.
    And no, here in San Diego we do not consider Taco Bell as authentic Mexican food!

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