The Florida Keys

The Florida Keys

Coral galore help form 120 miles of coast line at the Southern tip of USA. Warm and toasty all the time means “perfect” weather all the time. It is home to the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world.

Let’s go snorkeling !!!! Waters are calm, clear and clean. How about that for a trifecta ??? And look for a myriad variety of all kinds of fish. Snorkeling is for top waters —- are you ready to go deeper ?? Then scuba diving is for you. Bigger coral areas are waiting and maybe while you are down deep you will have a visit by Moby Dick,,,,,, Oh, sorry someone already got him.

If deep sea fishing is for you —- we might just have to leave the Keys area for a little jaunt out to deeper waters.

I know —- we are not all water people —- so how about skydiving ?? OK ,,,, it is not for everyone —me included. But, I hear the Rush is incredible.

For those of us who want the best of both worlds —- how about parasailing ??? Now that is something that interests me. I love to fly — I love the water. It takes you a little high so you can see the beautiful scenery of the area.

Now let us  bike our way around the area. Bike — Eat — Bike — Eat  Rest– Eat –Rest. You get the point. Have a good time while taking your time.

Dry Tortugas National Park is only accessed by boat or seaplane — 68 miles West of Key West. It is the most isolated of the Florida Keys.

Camping is big at Boyd’s Key West Campground and RV Park. Tent, camper  or RV . Take your pick.


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