The Amazing Airbus A380 – Complete In-flight Economy Experience Emirates Airlines | DXB – JFK

The Amazing Airbus A380 – Complete In-flight Economy Experience Emirates Airlines | DXB – JFK

The Complete Emirates Airbus 380 Experience in detail: – Airbus A380 In-flight Economy Experience on Emirates Airlines – Tips on ultra long distance flights….



  1. Derek Mccauley

    Thanks, I enjoyed your video. I have flown emirates many times in economy I think it takes some beating. I fly Glasgow to Dubai and then on to Bangkok which is two 7.5 Hr flights. I normally enjoy every minute of this. I have used my Skywards points to upgrade once or twice to business class which is just phenomenal.

  2. Dr Junedakthar Shaikh

    15 No point zipping out your state of the art laptop in economy – you wont have room to really enjoy!….. that was gr8888… i giigled a lot… now please help me… travelling to lisbon from mumbai with transit at dubai for 7hrs… so do i need to get my checked in baggage at dubai or it will be directly loaded to my connecting flights… both the flights are of emirates… regards…

  3. Curious Guy

    Flying on Emirates flights from New York to Dubai had little turbulence for about 30 minutes on August 29th, 2017 (departed 4:40 pm, flight # EK208) when it was flying over south of Greenland. 30 minutes was pretty long time and I already began praying. But then all of sudden it stopped – not sure why. (I'm guessing captain was taking a break). On November 5 2017 returning Emirates flight EK201 (departed at 8:30 am from Dubai) had comparatively very less turbulence (but was scary at one point that made few female passengers scream a bit) at the same location (south of Greenland). Wondering why both of the Emirates flights (aircraft was airbus A380 in both the cases) had turbulence over southern Greenland? Do Southern Greenland cause turbulence for all flights? Did this flight encountered any turbulence over southern Greenland? How about any other flights / airlines?

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