Thailand Over18 Dark Story Video 106

Thailand Over18 Dark Story Video 106

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  1. LucisFerre1

    Oh Geez.
    ALWAYS use a condome.
    1. Buy the extra-large ones that won't choke the hell of your willie, but still does it's job.
    2. It'll keep you from creating babies you're not going to take care of.
    3. It'll keep you from possibly catching something from her.
    4. It'll keep her from possibly catching something from you.
    5. She'll be much more relaxed during sex, which makes the sex much better and everyone happier and more fun.

  2. Risotto Maestro

    The sad part is for many ppl around the WOrld, HIV in USA is a chronic disease, like Diabetes. There are pills that make you live on and on being positive. But poor countries have neither the money nor the access to these drugs. – Unfair.

  3. Jimmyboy's Movies Unwrapped

    There is something about Thailand that captures some peoples soul. When in general its men really they can't let go. Always you must take protection with bar girls. You fall head over heals for the country and for the life it can offer with the girls. Sad story but you told it well. Like like every where there are pitfalls in Thailand too. Guys seam to think there are none. Avoid over stay the government are cracking down on it.

  4. Guy Sanchez

    Hi Simon, great story and yes very dark. I have been going to Thailand now for 20 years and yes HIV was very bad back then, I think now it is under control like a lot of other countries but again it is always going to be their, the thing all the men have to worry about now is superbug bacteria with the women. I had a Thai girlfriend and in 2015 i contracted this very thing, had never experienced anything like this as I had used condoms all my life and never contracted any STD but let me tell you that the pain and suffering I went through for 2.5 years was unbelievable. Not one doctor or specialist could tell me what it was until I visited a infectious decease specialist who had seen this before. I am all good now with the right treatment but yes it was something I knew nothing about. This is very prevalent in the Asian countries now so heads up to all you men out there always where a condom even if you think you know the girl because you don’t want this let me tell you. How’s the skin problem going Simon? Great stories Simon and keep up the good work.

  5. Michael Hope

    I know a few LONG time overstay guys,its not such a big deal if you get to an airport,20000b max fine no jail if can pay,A whole different scenario though if caught by police,a whole world of hurt is coming your way,in 40+yrs of traveling only once did I overstay,48hrs because my passport got held up waiting for India visa (cant get now in Thai) cost 1000b.

  6. Simon Danielsen

    Another sad fact, Thais dont have the view about HIV that most Westerners have, they are (generally) unsympathetic and see it as a comment on your character. I tgink many still believe you can contract it just by touching someone or sharing a cup etc. Girls that get it (like a Thai ex of mine who was 'on the game') are often ostracised by family and friends and so are desperate to keep it quiet. My ex lost her entire social circle and most of her family and now lives a sad, lonely life. But she still works as an escort and features on higher class escort web pages in Bangkok. She has not to this day got sick from it so looks healthy. Its easy for them to get a fake medical certificate. So for all you players, NEVER make assumptions, ALWAYS wear a condom. You cant tell from looking and what looks like a sweet young thing to you may easily be 5 years older than you think and waaay more experienced.

  7. bruce taylor

    These days hiv and aids is totally under control…there is a readily available drug costs about 1000 baht a month, anti viral……1 tablet a day….when its working its working so well the virus is undetectable in the blood stream, and also this means it can not spread……so the days of aids are over….you still don’t want it, but now it’s totally controllable and a normal life can be had…

  8. Average Joe

    Try just writing a fake name on a piece of paper, beside the real name, to use for “sensitive” stories. Sometimes when you shorten the name down to a single letter, I get lost (my bad) and if you don’t want to use real names, make up fake ones.

  9. Frenetic Traveller

    Sadly these stories are so common in Pattaya and the place is full of degenerates. I love Pattaya but it is such a paradox, it can be the greatest place in the world or the worst place in the world depending on your circumstances. I lived there for six months a few years back and it caused me so many problems, one of which was that I was a raging alcoholic by the time I left.

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