Tenerife Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do (4K)

Tenerife Travel Guide: Top 10 Things To Do (4K)

I have put together this Tenerife Travel Guide to share my experience of the island and hopefully give an insight into the many different excursions and day trips …



  1. adam smith

    I love tenerife! La Gomera is beautiful too and you can dod a day trip from Los Christianos. Back street cafes and Bars are the best and the best value for money. Look for the ones with the locals in…they are the best..

  2. adam smith

    Also Tiede by night is staggering! You will see the night like an astronaut does…..seriously go on that trip it will blow your mind…..

    Enjoy Tenerife it is anamazing Island with so much to offer. Get out and explore that's my biggest bit of advice.

  3. Arthur K.

    Drove through Masca a few days ago with a rental Camaro… I don't think I was in so much stress in quite some time. Once you start going there, forget about turning back as roads are seriously narrow! and yes, the view is simply breathtaking. When going to Teide, use the strongest sunscreen as the sun is quite ruthless in there and use it liberally. Had the worst sunburn of my life and it was followed by a sun poisoning! Now I'm staying inside until it all calms down and off to scuba dive and to Siam's park!

  4. AvariceUntied

    I went to Playa Las Americas this June and didn't have the drunk youngsters doing crazy things experience. It was actually quite nice. But maybe it gets crazier in the high season. I had cheap lodgings, a cheap flight and good food and drink for cheap prices with good entertainment (live artists everywhere and you could try your hand at karaoke as well). And did some tours (El Teide/La Gomera) and a boat trip for reduced prices. There was this nice Spanish lady on the Av. Santiago Piug who sold them cheaper than other booking offices.

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