Stanserhorn Funicular & Cabrio Cable Car

Stanserhorn Funicular & Cabrio Cable Car

Located on the north side of the Swiss Alps, the height of Mt Stanserhorn is 1’898 meters above sea level. Mt Stanserhorn is overlooking Lake Lucerne …



  1. Ernst Dittmar

    Travelling the world's first doubledecker CabriO aerial cable car up to Mt. Stanserhorn. Mt. Stanserhorn offers an unparalleld view to the Swiss alps from east to west. It's really worth to visit this unique place when it's beautiful and clear weather.

  2. Ramón Kaufmann

    wie hobbylos mues mer si das me e seilbahn filmet und denn au no copyrhigts drufsetzt wenn sich irgend en idiot für die bahn interessiert söller det hi ga und eimal ufe und wider abe fahre denn isches au spannender und mer gseht alles was mer wet gse und chans gnüsse

  3. Art M.

    Did this last week on September 1st, 2017. What an exhilarating experience. Thanks to the pioneers who built the funicular and the modern Cabrio double decker cable car inventors who made this awesome ride possible. Truly marvelous and spectacular scenery. Enjoyed it tremendously !!!

  4. Walter K

    Many thanks for this lovely video. Brings back so many memories. I lived about a hundred or so yards from the Stanserhorn Bahn terminal at the bottom of the mountain, until I left for NYC in 1970. Took that train ride many times. I've never been back, thus I didn't even know until I watched this video that there's now a cable car as well. I'm pretty sure I'll revisit this page more than once. Again, thank you for posting this.

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