River Cruises – Where Will You Discover Next?

River Cruises – Where Will You Discover Next?


Allowed you to visit an intense variety of destinations, on a Viking River Cruise you will get to sail along some of Europe's famous waterways, sailing past medieval villages, old towns, fairy tale castles, vineyards and lush forests. There is simply no better way to capture the beauty of Europe and as many important towns in Europe grow up along the rivers, you'll get to sail through and visit all those key places too.

Some of the key rivers include the Danube, which flows through eight different regions offering highlights such as Nuremberg, Vienna and Budapest, the Rhine which begins in Amsterdam and offers an array of colorful Dutch scenery and the intimate river Moselle, offering an array of wonderful woodlands and vineyards.

The river Main offers tours of Heidelberg and Strasbourg, the river Elbe flows through the Czech Republic and is perfect for exploring Prague and Berlin, while the Rhone offers a scenic experience along the vineyards of France.

The famous river Seine takes you right into the heart of Paris, and if you've ever wanted to explore Portuguese and Spanish cultures then the river Douro is perfect for just that.

Russia and Ukraine

A great way to explore the magnificence of Russia & Ukraine, Viking's Russia and Ukraine river cruises are a firm favorite with many. After all, they take you right up close to Russia's legendary cities like Moscow which is home to the famous landmarks Kremlin and Red Square; and Saint Petersburg where Catherine's Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress and the Hermitage can be found. And, you'll see the smaller towns like Yaroslavl and Mandrogy too.

When sailing along the Dnieper River in Ukraine, there's the opportunity to look around palaces, monasteries, museums and other historical attractions. Kiev, Yalta and Odessa are just some of the cities you'll visit in Ukraine.Kiev is Ukraine's vibrant capital and is one of the oldest cities in Europe.

Steeped in history, it is home to the famous Golden Gate which can be found in the city's ancient walls. If you want to discover the history and culture of Russia and Ukraine, then a river cruise is definitely the best way of doing so.


One of the most fascinating destinations on earth, China is a place you should visit at least once in your life. But to really get the most out of this vibrant destination, explore it by going on a river cruise . The perfect way to unearth China's many treasures, on a river cruise you'll get to explore cosmopolitan Shanghai and you'll come up close to imperial treasures like the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City.

Other highlights include the Three Gorges region of the legendary Yangtze and the engineering genius that is the Three Gorges Dam. And, many river cruises visit Xian, home of the famous Terracotta Warriors.


The longest river in Southeast Asia, the magnificent Mekong River flows through China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

An increasingly popular destination when it comes to river cruises, the Mekong River leads the way to many enchanting attractions including the Royal Palace in the elegant French colonial capital of Phnom Penh in Cambodia; the incredible Angkor Wat complex near Siem Reap; and the floating markets of the Mekong delta.

There's also the opportunity to experience the charm of Hanoi's old city and the dynamic Ho Chi Minh City – formerly Saigon.

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