Princess Cruises Releases South American Itinerary

Princess Cruises Releases South American Itinerary

Princess Cruises has unveiled a host of new cruise holidays for passengers, enabling exploration of South America. Announcing details of the itinerary from late 2011 until spring 2012, the cruise line will offer travelers trips to experience Machu Picchu, the Amazon River and Cape Horn.

Aboard either the Pacific Princess or Star Princess, 10 South American cruise holidays are available including 31 destinations overall. With the ability to add an extended cruise tour to vacations, tourists can also take the opportunity of being in South America to visit Brazil's Iguazu Falls or historical site Machu Picchu. Speaking of the new itinerary the vice president of Princess Cruises, Jan Swartz, said "South America offers some of the most magnificent travel experiences in the world, and many of its attractions are best navigated by ship," adding that the company "offer the perfect venue for viewing the scenery around Cape Horn, the dramatic fjords of Chile, and the amazing Amazon River. "

Featuring prominently in many of the cruises, the popular location of Rio de Janeiro is the ideal city for explorers to discover the Latin heat and flavor which South America is so associated with. Meanwhile Cape Horn continues to attract sailors after centuries of interest, while the Chilean Fjords provide breathtaking scenes of glaciers and wildlife. Elsewhere, with cruise tours to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and trips up the Amazon to discover a multitude of different sights and cultures, Princess Cruises South American adventures will offer some of the best attractions that the continent has to offer.

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