One Week Vacations to Take Between Jobs

One Week Vacations to Take Between Jobs

St Petersberg, Russia

Museums, Cathedrals, noted Ballet performances, are best found here. July and August are the busiest months , but also with the best weather as it is at the end of the Baltic Ocean.

Paris, France

What to do ?????   Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Arc de Trimphe, the Latin Quarter,the Catacombs, Camp de Mars and for the kids in all of us —- Disneyland/ Paris.   Did I mention SHOPPING — Bring an extra bag if you plan on this adventure.

Madeira, Portugal

One week on island lifestyle will leave you refreshed. The area is an archipelago of 4 islands off the coast of Africa. What to do //// paragliding, wine drinking, hiking ,or just hanging around the many great beaches.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital city says come visit and see our attractions….. Triple Bridge, Tivoli City Park, and maybe the Slovenian Railroad Museum. Or a day trip and see the numerous castles or immerse yourself in the local water sports.


Check out this good sized island using the Ring Road which will show off most of the area. Black sand beaches, mountains and National Parks. don’t forget thjat a long time ago an active volcano called Iceland home..


It is all about beaches at this Indonesian island vacation spot. Mediation, yoga sunbathing…. what a way to go !!!!

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Wall, Brandenberg Gate, Grunewald Forest and the wall’s Checkpoint Charlie. If you are into dancing—- visit Tresor or Berghain.

Amsterdam, Holland

Visit over 8000 beautiful buildings built before the 19th century. Visit Hortus Botannicus — one of the largest botanical gardens anywhere. Anne Frank House ,Our Lord in the Attic ( a canel house with a secret chapel inside ) are a couple of more possibilities.

Kos, Greece

Kos is all about getting and keeping your toes in the sand. Beaches galore… also great hiking trail to take advantage of the fantastic scenery.

Krakow, Poland

Visit the well preserved  “Old Town ” surrounded by more modern destinations. Cathedraels and castles and history can not be topped. Take a bicycle tour of and through Tyniec.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Temples, temples, temples, temples, oh did I mention that they a large number of temples to visit along with interesting waterways and museums.

Santorini, Greece

Temperature — perfect

Beaches — perfect

Hiking — perfect

Hot Springs — perfect

Sibiu, Romania

Located 4 hours northwest of Bucharest. Very affordable hotels.A very well preserved medieval town meaning history is to be the highlight of your visit. Do not miss seeing and learning about the Bridge of Lies — built in 1859 — and once thought to be able to tell when people were lying. I guess that there are certain times  we should never go there.

Turin , Italy

In Northern Italy. When visiting the area you have got to see the Royal House of Savoy, which is one of area’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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