On A Budget: Travel and Honduras

On A Budget: Travel and Honduras

I give you tips about traveling in general, and traveling in Honduras, Central America. Sorry about the quality, I wanted to get this video up quickly since I havent …



  1. ZoeOnABudget

    You will definitely need to buy bottled water wherever you go; their tap water will give you travelers diarrhea. Their food is fine, but it's hard to get your fair share of vegetables for the day. I ate a lot of fruit, rice, beans, tortillas and plantains. Its hard to find salads

  2. ZoeOnABudget

    I avoided the major cities as much as I could and stuck to smaller towns in the country or on the coast. The safest and nicest places I went to were Gracias, Lempira, Honduras (if you are going, stay in Hotel Guancasco, it was beautiful, cheap and the owner speaks English) and Copan Ruinas. I heard terrible stories before travelling as well but I never once felt unsafe, and I was in a group with 4 other young women. I would just suggest not going out after sunset in certain places.

  3. xela7688

    I also found flights for as low as 367$ from SFO to honduras on Kayak through Delta, TACA, and American Airlines. I planned a multi-airport itinerary. SFO to SAP (San Pedro Sula, HN) then fly out of San Jose, Costa Rica to SFO. I eneded up paying 576$ for the TACA flight because I waited to long for the cheap tickets and didn't wait long enough, a few weeks later TACA went back down to 411$. Oh well, Mext time I'll have more patience. I leave November and come home December.

  4. Kenneth Paluch

    Hi Zoe! Thanks for the helpful and insightful video. I'm planning to go to Honduras for mission work. I'd very much like to hear about Israel too. Would you please make another video about your experience in Israel. Such as: Tips for saving money on boarding, food, entertainment, and dangers to avoid with respect to crime or terrorism. Which cities to visit and some destinations off of the beaten path. I have a chronic pain problem to it is hard to walk everywhere. Could you address that 2?

  5. Michael Lewis

    What are your thoughts on the current travel advisory warnings issued by the US government for Honduras and El Salvador. I think it's overhyped but looking for other peoples opinions. They tell people not to take public transportation and that would be impossible for a backpacker on a budget. 

  6. Mauricio Carrillo

    Thinking about traveling from Mexico all the way to the end of south America, to the point of south America that is the closest to the south pole, La Patagoña.
    the plan is to go this December, hope the group of people grows that will come with me.

  7. Which Border Next

    Great video! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge! One comment on on bargaining — it is really is more about what you are willing to pay for something vs. what the price is. I usually start at 25 – 50% of their price and work from them. 

  8. Francisco Gonzalez

    Hola zoe soy hondureño y eh visto tu video y me gustó mucho y te informo que nuestro país es injustamente calificado de alta peligrosidad cosa que no es del todo cierta ya que durante e vivido en el eh conocido y recorrido 14 de los 18 departamentos o estados que tiene el país y nunca me ha ocurrido ningún percance y espero que pronto nos visites de nuevo☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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