Norwegian Bliss Full Review | Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Review

Norwegian Bliss Full Review | Norwegian Cruise Line Ship Review

Full review of the Norwegian Bliss. We talk about the ship design, the amazing complimentary food, the specialty dining like Q & Los Lobos, the entertainment …



  1. Wild1995

    One issue I have is no matter the restaurant on land or sea. If you don't eat the meal, you don't pay. Its bad that you had to bring this to their attention. If you ate the meal then that's different. So many eat the whole meal then complain and want refunded. Like Judge Judy says, you cant have it both ways. If you eat the steak then you pay for it.

  2. Wild1995

    OMG I found the one loyal NCL cruiser who also does not care for Le Bistro. So many rave about it. We don't care for the menu either but forced ourselves to try it. It was meh. Nothing special. So many rave about the onion soup. Denny's quality IMHO. I also don't care for La Cucina. Back in 2009 when it was $10 with the original menu. It was worth it. Then they kept upcharging and cutting back quality. Big pass although we cant wait for the new Italian restaurant on Encore.

  3. The68VeeDub

    The thing that frustrates me about margaritaville on NCL is the upcharge for the food. Don't get me wrong Margaritaville is amazing, but i believe this should be complimentary since there are so many other upcharge food options plus margaritaville is more of a bar versus a restaurant. The upcharge steered me clear of margaritaville except the awesome drinks.

  4. sue oconnor

    Thanks for the great insight about the Bliss. This is our first time with Norwegian and a larger ship. We had some concerns in regards to doing the Bliss to Alaska in September but you guys put my mind at ease and now getting more excited. Love the restaurant reviews, the advise to get to the the Cavern Club early and how large the Observation area is. Because of cost, we had to get an inside cabin but can't wait to hang out in the Observation looking at glaciers! Great work guys!

  5. Vicki Gilligan

    Loved loved loved the Bliss!! Our favorite spot was the Maltings Whiskey bar. Ran into one our favorite bartenders/cocktail server Ricky!! Had him on the Getaway about 2 years ago and he remembered us and our friends. NEVER waited for a drink amd he is just a great guy. When your on the ship stop by amd say hi. He will take great care of yoy. Don't forget a little extra tip goes a long way. Loved this ship and looking forward to her in Alaska one of these days.

  6. Heather Forrester

    This was great! We sailed on Bliss for our conference cruise last October and I loved it. I spent every spare moment in the Observation Lounge, and even worked from there on port days (tip: there are US power outlets up high on some of the diving walls, and a lot of the lighting has built in USB ports). I had a similar experience at Cagney’s, as did the people seated around me – I’m not sure why they don’t have this dialed in. My favorite specialty restaurant was Q – sooooooo good!

  7. Régis Sylvie Turmel

    Thank you very much. We will be cruising with 4 friends on Dec. I would like to know if people are still leaving their towels during many hours just to keep the place at pool and at the observation lounge.
    It was very common on the others NCL ships. Thank you for your answer.

  8. Janice Hansen

    Thank you this in depth review of the NCL Bliss. I was on the fence about booking Norwegian but I have hopped over the fence and will definitely look into booking my 2nd cruise with NCL – hopefully the Bliss or even the Joy. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful vlogs, blogs, reviews, tours, tips and tricks. You do a wonderful job!!

  9. Michael Tofil

    Thank you both for a great video preview of BLISS!! Really appreciate your honesty. We're taking her for our 25th Wedding Anniversary soon- last week in August to Alaska, and your tips will come in handy! We've done Royal Caribbean's Harmony(2x)/Allure/Anthem/Independence & Disney Fantasy (2x), so can hardly wait for BLISS! I locked in Large Balcony Oceanview 8110 for the Mrs. and I, with my 14yr daughter and our best friend in a Mini Suite same floor. Observation lounge seems a lot like 270 on Anthem, which is still one of my personal favs of all trips taken. Do you have any particular port adventure recommends for Alaska- we have booked the White Pass Summit Rail experience already.

  10. mike chernok

    Hi Guy's, I just booked my first Norwegian Cruise, The JOY in March 2020 for my 50th Birthday,
    I feel like I got a Great Deal, they included the drink package and some more stuff.(Specialty Restaurants , WIFI, Port Cruise Credit.)
    Thank you for your Video's, I really enjoy them. Any quick Tips?

  11. Lyttle Starboard

    Nailed it!….los lobos….amaze-balls! will go there in a heart beat again!…Le bistro…meh…Cagneys…nope, not again…really bad service and food average. Overheard lots of people complaining about it so we know it wasn't just us. La Cucina…don't think I'll go there again…service poor and food selections minimal…actually saw a teenager leave and come back with a burger from the buffet and sat and ate it during his meal with his parents…lol!! MDR's were good…we preferred the intimacy and quiet of the smaller two over the chaos of large tables of people and loud noise of the Manhatten Room. Shows were amazing…Havanna…oh boy…fantastic! Jersey Boys had an amazing lead the first week and disappointingly subbed the lead with an inferior performer the second week….felt bad but the theatre quickly emptied when he started to sing. 🙁 Go Karts….what more can I say…..YES!!!! The observation lounge was hands down the reason we're going again…and why we booked the Encore…24hrs a day you can walk around the lounge and find a place to relax, drink, eat, stare at the horizon, get together with friends, play games or, take a nap lol…..the clubs, bars and outdoor seating on the waterfront are fantastic….we spent 2 weeks and I know we didn't see everything! The Vibe is amazing if you can get a pass on the first day…sounds like the Encore has 2 levels for the Vibe…so, we'll see if we can get it on the first shot this time 🙂 good video guys! took me back to a fantastic time on our cruise just listening to you talk about the ship….thank you!!

  12. Kerry Drennan

    Took the Panama Canal cruise on the Bliss. Was really not impressed. To start off one thing not mentioned while on the cruise is cost, cost cost. The specialty diners are now cost per item not one charge. We had commentary meals at Cagney's and the Italian. Cagney's with the free meal you get one salad, one outré and one dessert, if you wanted a different steak it was 5 dollars more, or wanted a shrimp cocktail 5 dollars more or extra dessert 5 dollars more. The Italian restrauant was a nice place, however I wanted spaghetti and meat balls, well there is not meat at all, no meat sauce, no meat balls, everything was either pasta or seafood. I asked the supervisor why no meat, she said it's the American way, excuses me American way!!!! Then the Margarita buffet was cost too, 19 bucks for a hamburger, rarely saw people in there, in the morning though they have a limited breakfast buffet it was good, but the hours wee never the same. Also it's in the aft end of the ship and the only place to get coffee in the morning and after they serve the breakfast they empty the coffee pots, so if you want coffee you have go to the middle of the ship at the 24 hours restruant, which for us being up in age was a long walk. We are smokers first off no cigarette smoking in the cigar bar, there is smoking area at the casino but since it's enclosed it's closed while in port or other times, so the only place to relax with a smoke was just outside the H20 bar aft, limited seating and at times very windy or cold. No coffee or anything in the morning. The ship has only two banks of elevators, one aft one forward, we were just outside the aft elevator however everything we wanted to do from eating or events was way forward, again a very long walk. Checking out things to buy in the shops, well, you would need a loan from BofA to buy most things , from a 5 dollar small candy bar, to a Tshirt for 30 bucks. They had a sale one day, small wood key change, 7 dollars on sale………..Starbucks was good, prices not bad but rarely anyone in there so we were there allot since they have usb ports to charge you stuff. Going thru the new canal was very disappointing, no more mules they hook on to tugs to take you thru, rather like the old cancel. Leaving the ship we're platinum members and were suppose to have priority disembarkation, nobody could help us, they were confused, so took us over an hour to get off the ship then another 30 mins to find our luggage since they had one bag misplaced.
    We'll not back to Norwegian expressly the Bliss if they continue to try and get every last drop of money out of you. Most of the crew were nice though.


    It"s not very handicap accessible. Only 2 banks of elevator's, one forward & one aft. Not much room for wheelchairs & scooters. Especially if your not traveling with a companion to hold the door. People will crowd past you, trying to beat you in, even if you've been waiting through 6 elevators. Because the observation deck, buffet, all embarking and disembarking at ports, etc. are on the front half of the ship, it's almost impossible for handicap. On rainy days in Alaska, the Atrium area is very hard to get through on scooters, walkers & wheelchairs. because everyone that would normally be up on the Lido, has move down to the Atrium. Good luck to the disabled on this ship.

  14. Nancy Seale

    Sean, Stef help! I am currently booked on the a Encore for Jan 2020 I am traveling with a 12 year old but based on the changes I’ve been reading about (no ropes course, climbing wall or sports area) I am considering canceling. We always planned on doing the pay activities (track, laser tag, VR) but I was hoping for more free choices! I watched your Carnival Horizon review and am wondering if you think that would be better for a 12 year old. I’ve been on NCL before and loved it BUT I traveled without kids at the time. I know you guys don’t travel with kids but what do you think?

  15. Joe Capobianco

    Hi guys…Long time no type!….Great review, as usual, thank you 🙂 I'm sailing on the Encore in February and this being a sister ship was really cool to see the out lay and I really like the freestyle concept. Best of all I was glad to hear they offered a week long kart pass…I am a serious racer and I know I will be spending a great deal of time there and I hear the race track is going to be bigger than the Bliss. Thanks again…Cheers!!

  16. Modie Glenn

    I don't understand why you were paying for your meal at Cagney's? You said you were Platinum. You should have received a meal voucher, regardless if you were on the sailaway rate or not. You should've have a voucher good for Cagney's or Le Bistro and one good at La Cucina, and in the absence of Moderno, Los Lobos or Q. I'm scratching my head on this one… Los Lobos should've been free for you anyway if you are Platinum.

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