My Professional Landscape Photography Gear 2019

My Professional Landscape Photography Gear 2019

In this video, I go through all my new landscape photography camera gear and share my thoughts. Even though I use this specific gear it doesn’t mean you have …



  1. Frank Silva

    For the Peak Design capture clip, you show that you put an arca swiss plate on the bottom of your L bracket. Do you just put that on when you're hiking around and using the clip, or do you leave it on all the time? Seems like I wouldn't want to leave it on, but it would be a pain taking on and off constantly. I used the clip before I had my L bracket and really liked it. But then my backpack got stolen and then I started using the L bracket, so I never replaced it.

  2. Peter Jørgensen

    Hej Mads, morsomt og informativt at høre om ditt fotoutstyr. I forhold til natt og stjerne foto var du inne på at der var andre camera som var gode og kanskje bedere enn Sony a7re. Kan du sig litt mer om andre og bedere camera valg i denne sammenheng?

  3. Der Maddin

    A good tripod in the weight range of the one shown hiere does not cost 1000 dollars. And if you choose to buy a tripod shown in this video for 200 dollars than you cann choose one from rollei and co for the same price.

  4. Riccardo Ruatasio

    Hi!! Another amazing video!! Very very helpful. I have the A7Rii and i use a lot the timelapse app, and i am very sorry that there isn’t on the A7Riii because it’s an awesome app.
    Thank you to remember me to check screws of the tripod!!
    And i need to learn how to use a drone!!
    I like that you pay more attention to explain in details all of your stuffs!

    Sorry for my English, i am italian ahaha

  5. Kemer Thomson

    I found this useful not because I have the same gear or the identical requirements, but because you provide an honest and common sense discussion of what works for you, and why. Ultimately, we all need to solve the same classes of problems, but with different parameters, and this gave me some good ideas for my own needs. Also, thank you for mentioning the need for a first aid kit, something that many seem to overlook.

    As for tripods, I can't justify $1000 either (as much as I swear by Really Right Stuff gear and would love to own theirs), but there are plenty in the $500 range that I'm confident are much better than the cheap Chinese models you have been using, especially in the harsh environments you shoot in. However, I would love to know if a $1000 tripod would realistically last 10 years with your kind of usage. My Manfrotto has lasted nearly that long, but because I could get replacement parts for it.

  6. scannorse

    About the apps in-camera. Sony had an app where you could combine lets say the sky with one exposure to the land/earth with another exposure, making a perfectly exposed photo in all areas. That worked wonders ! A little cumbersome to use, but what a result. Jpeg only though. A pity we dont have it anymore.

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