Mui Ne, Vietnam – Travel guide

Mui Ne, Vietnam –  Travel guide

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  1. Bruce M.

    I'm from the Pacific coast of Southern California, and beaches do come and go naturally…some very sandy beaches one year can be rocky just a year or two later…not sure why. The only thing that will pretty much end the flow of sand if nearby streams and rivers are dammed, since that is the source of >90% of sand… Just thought I'd throw that out there….learned in an oceanography 101 class in college, so it is legit info.

  2. Bruce M.

    Glad I saw this…considering the lodging prices are much higher (2-3x seems like) than some better beach areas to the north (and farther away from Saigon) I think I'll give Mui Ne a pass… thanks for making this useful video though…it definitely helped me make an informed decision.

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