Medical Tourism: An Alaskan's Adventure

Medical Tourism: An Alaskan's Adventure

My name is Cale Green and on July 10th I fell off my bike and broke my collarbone. I am uninsured. While exploring options for surgery in Alaska I quickly …



  1. Christina Cope

    And our occupant in the White House calls other countries "shitholes"!
    United States Healthcare Plan=go ahead and die if you're not wealthy. I can't afford to use the insurance after paying premiums to Anthem so the CEO can get more millions.

  2. Scott123180

    Sucks to have this happen to you and I agree the system is absolutely terrible. That being said, you're lucky that your injury wasn't more severe. You had the luxury of doing research post injury and finding the best deal. If you had an injury that was more severe you may not have had any choice and have been stuck with whatever bill you were given. That's a large bet to make. Please get healthcare for your own sake. If it's not provided by your employer, go on Obamacare.

  3. Ricardino Gomes

    I've already broke my colarbone three times so here it goes:
    – in public hospitals (where everything is virtually free) they won't do the colarbone surgery.
    – in a private hospital it you have an 30€/month insurance the full costs are roughly 200€. if you don't have insurance to have to pay the full price: 2.500€.

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