LUXEMBOURG: Vianden town

LUXEMBOURG: Vianden town

The town of Vianden lies on the Our river, near the border between Luxembourg and Germany. It is known for its impressive castle and beautiful location in the …



  1. Kathy Welter-Nichols

    I'm am just finishing a new book, from an old manuscript my grandfather wrote in 1948, when he returned to his family home in Luxembourg after the war. Its the travelogue of his trip that started in Gander NFLD, Canada, with one of the first new Transatlantic air crossings. The Marvel of the journey, it just took 11 hours, and they arrived 3.5 hours late! But it was not a 6 weeks crossing, he was most impressed! His whole trip was 6 weeks in length. He talks of how he and his brother Felix climbed the path to Castle, and the Sorcerers' Hole, where prisoners were cast when they erred in judgement. It's a wonderful journey through history…and here it is, Viandene : wonderful, thank you so much for doing this.

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