Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Los Angeles Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Welcome to Los Angeles, the “Capital of the Creative World.” Los Angeles tours …



  1. David B

    I lost my heart in Southern California. It was my home for over 40 years and it is really insane how crowded the 1,500 square miles of Los Angeles County has become. The cost of living has also made it very hard to stay afloat in SoCal. The traffic has made it very stressful. The wonderful weather and the variety of foods are awesome. I had to leave early 2015 due to sudden loss of job and home. It is not a place to be homeless or broke. I lost my dear mother there to ALS and it changed my life forever. I am living in Utah now and I wish that I could go back but there is nowhere for me to stay. I do still miss and love LA County. There is good and bad everywhere. I hate the cold, the older I get the more I hate it. If you are lucky enough to live in LA County count your blessings.

  2. Jeremiah Griffith

    I live in la , and it's a love hate relationship , I've travelled many places but if you manage to find a good job then la is a pretty cool place to live in, it rarely rains , I never mind the traffic (I drive a Motorcyle ) but I will admit , there are a lot of stuck up wanna be Californians who are not natives who believe that they have to act like a stuck up asshole to "blend in" ….As for the heat, La was built upon a desert … besides that , the fact that I can eat in downtown la then head to the beach within a Couple of minutes , and then head to the mountains for a night hike , never ceases to amaze me …I love my city . Yes many people get are pretentious, and rude, but you'll also run into some very nice people you just have to find them . … it's really not for everyone …

  3. Mark Deo

    Was here for 4 days last week. Got sick of the traffic trying to drive to places. It took me 2hours to get from Malibu to LAX. Everyday was overcast and cold. Only saw little glimpses of sunlight. Went to Griffith Observatory and looked at the city and realized all that fog was SMOG. Went to downtown LA and just saw homeless people everywhere. Walked down Hollywood Blvd and all I could smell was drainage/sewerage. Other than that it was alright. Not all that hyped up to be.

  4. DJ Jack

    I've been in Los Angeles.There's a lot naturally beauty.The cops are there officially.The number of little people pathetic.There is a separate beauty.That's likely see in the some games.The Roads normally full of people.The air is normal size.Never a force doesn't affect the.Created by such a city we need to thank God for.God Bless LA

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