Living in a Playful Collage: Hanoch Piven at TEDxJerusalem

Living in a Playful Collage: Hanoch Piven at TEDxJerusalem

The colorful and witty collage portraits of Israeli artist Hanoch Piven have appeared in most major magazines and newspapers such as Time, Newsweek, Rolling …



  1. Ncyim

    This video is such a good reminder that play is essential to learning about our inner and outer worlds. Most of us seem to have fear around not already knowing something; fear of the unknown stunts development and exploration. Putting learning back in the fun zone seems to eliminate that fear and open us to all new possibilities. Today, i will devote to play!

  2. Rosemarie Nagel

    Hanoch, this is absolutely fantastic. I will use your video as an opening for my class "introduction to economics with experiments". Already Friedrich Schiller said Play! and probably many before him, Good that our children grow up nowadays with so much play. Maybe one day when they come to university and see that they cannot play, they will go somewhere else where they can do it.. together with the theory which they might also learn in that new (still unknown) new place.


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