Last-Minute Travel: 5 Love & Hates of Spontaneous Travel

Last-Minute Travel: 5 Love & Hates of Spontaneous Travel

Spontaneous, Last Minute Travel Can Be an Amazing Experience. Whether it is a last minute weekend away or a spontaneous trip with friends there are many …



  1. Susan McKinney

    I just can not do the spontaneous travel. I have to plan well in advanced. I have to have to my travel planning binder even for weekend trips. My husband has to go to Memphis for a training class and I'm bugging him for info so I can plan my days while he is in class.

  2. h lynn keith

    RE: Spontaneous travel, Love #6: New discoveries
    My wife and I traveled to Japan with tickets in and out and no itinerary or hotel reservations. Stayed one night in Kyoto, the old capital, and traveled to Nara, the old, old capital.

    Nara has a park a short walk from the tourist information center. The deer in the park are protected, and they know it. They have no fear of people. Nearby vendors sell small bags of deer food (think movie theater popcorn bags). My wife took pictures of me feeding the deer. First, one; then two; then five; then twenty; the I disappear in a herd of deer.

    Fun experience.

  3. Carolina Smith

    Hi Wolter, I am your fan, I find your videos very interesting and useful. Have you think in add to them subtitles in spanish???, I am sure you will have 4 or 5 more times views and suscriptors, with that you will capture South America, Mexico and Spain, wich are a huge and important part of the world. Think about it. Send you and your lovely family a big hug from Mexico City.

  4. The Rolling Troll

    Super informative and also busting a lot of prejudice.
    There's some super cute pictures in this one too.

    Actually, good subject for a video; How to save yourself in a country/city you don't know and didn't plan to be in because you're either an idiot or because you like some adventure :D.

  5. The Neighborhood Grower

    I went to Rome by myself last July. Love your videos. Your my travel guide lol. Been to Copenhagen, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest,Prague, Venice, Rome, Paris, London, Brussels, and Amsterdam. One thing I wish is that maybe throw out some ideas for people in their 20s. Maybe like good bars and stuff. Thanks. Again, love your videos!

  6. S Hess

    Amen! I love traveling solo …I often go to theatre (live) when in English speaking countries. I buy tix ahead of time and leave my days open to do what seems right depending on my mood or the weather….I don’t do much research ahead of time. Maybe I miss out on some things…but I love just BEING somewhere different. I’m a lazy cafe traveler at heart : )

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