Japanese food stall – pork okonomiyaki 日本屋台 出店 お祭り

Japanese food stall – pork okonomiyaki 日本屋台 出店 お祭り

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  1. Toya Murillo

    These people aren't know for their good hygiene or sanitary work places that's for dam sure! Like Mexicans they'll take a bathroom break and not wash their hands 😝 Now I see what my mom's been telling me for years not to eat just anyone's food! 🤭 Nasty 😷 people and make sure you find that cat or dog! 💯

  2. MVL

    Oh my, I loved this in Japan.
    It's a taste sensation like no other.

    Im a westerner and I laugh at the negative comments about this.
    Put it this way, Japanese people aren't overweight, aren't getting diabetes like the west. Aren't taking a million tablets.
    Keep your southern fried chicken and 88oz sugar.

  3. ムラビ


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