How To Travel The World On $30 A Day | SWEDEN & GERMANY | Ep 4

How To Travel The World On $30 A Day | SWEDEN & GERMANY | Ep 4

This series is how I traveled the world for 12 months on $12000 ($30 a day) after I quit my job in the US to travel internationally. After leaving Alaska, I flew to …



  1. Elijah Yeo

    Hey Lindsay, i am curious, did you get a open ticket? Because from what i know is that many countries deny entry if you only have a one way ticket. Also, would like to know if did you do any prior research on the countries youre heading, if no how did you know where to go? or what to do

  2. Max Harland

    Hi, I am 19 and have decided that I am going to save up and travel for as long as possible (only Europe to keep costs down)
    I had a crazy and some people might say stupid idea though : buy a 20 year old old small car (Fiat Panda) and rip the seats out in the back and replace them with a bed I made. I love the idea of a road trip and the freedom a car provides, plus I can sleep wherever I want (from the centre of a town to a beach to on the top of a mountain). When I go I will be writing a blog and making videos too. I would just love it if less of my friends thought I was crazy !! hahahah
    Your Videos are truly inspiring, did you have help editing them, because they are great!!

  3. m a r s

    I wish I had the guts! I'm traveling alone in a couple of months and I'm a nervous wreck- and it's only to another state!
    If I had friends internationally I would definitely be doing this! ☺️
    I'm so obsessed with this channel.

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