How to Pack Like a Professional Traveler: 20 Tips From a Pro

How to Pack Like a Professional Traveler: 20 Tips From a Pro

Tips on choosing luggage, compression gear, maximizing limited travel space, and more! All from a professional traveler to help you pack for your next trip!



  1. Yellow Productions

    My recommended travel bags:

    Rimowa Original Collection:

    TravelPro Luggage Crew 22" Rollaboard:

    TravelPro Carry-on Stacking Tote:

    Jansport Odyssey Backpack:

    Pacsafe LS250 Anti-theft Shoulder Bag:

    My recommended travel accessories:

    Eagle Creek Packing Cubes:

    Eagle Creek Garment Folder:

    Eagle Creek Shoe Bags:

    Downy Wrinkle Release Spray:

  2. ddd228/Dave in Seattle.

    Packing tip: Leave extra room in your bag..OR plan to leave some articles there and not bring them back home with you.Shoes that you don't like anymore is a good one.
    Use 1 gallon baggies and stuff 'em full and suck out the extra air inside with your vacuum cleaner. Works fine for sweaters.1/3 the volume.I like ear plugs. Do your own laundry in the sink and carry FOLDING coat hangers to dry them,if you would like to wear it again.The hangers in US hotel rooms have a knob on the top. Your carry-on should have what you need for 1 day,if your checked bag gets re-routed to Atlanta,GA!

  3. Laura Wade

    I have very small feet and can usually pack a pair of boots, sneakers, and a few ballet flats in with my other clothes. I always pack too much makeup etc… and end up not wanting to primp and bother during vacation; usually ending up only wearing sunscreen on my face.

  4. Laura Wade

    I always bring carry-on with logic/crossword puzzles etc… plus headphones and iPad to listen to music and play games. I lieu of a companion animal, I bring Smoochlie who is my little teddy bear version of Topher. With my agoraphobia and panic disorder, having games to distract you and kill time and a plush toy to hug really helps.

  5. john bolton

    Hi!! Love the video! Iโ€™m not quite sure what you will think of my suggestion? I love photography. About 20 years ago I bought a Camera vest. It comes with straps that you attach to your camera which attaches right to your vest so no one can take it from you!! You are walking around with your camera fully exposed in front of you but it is attached to the vest and the straps are from your shoulders so the weight is not around your neck!!! Also there are three pockets on each side that Velcro . There are also pockets on the inside that either Velcro or zipper!! I use this vest in so many different ways!! The weight of the camera hangs from my shoulders not my neck. Also with all the pockets, I can put my wallet, my passport, pretty much anything that I do not want somebody to pick pocket!! In the front pockets and Velcro them closed!!! It also makes it easy to carry a spare batteries or if you want to put a GoPro in one of the pockets!!
    It looks like a vest that I would be wearing on a safari!!! On vacations I have gotten positive feedback from fellow photographers!!!
    My wife and I Cruise a lot. So I keep everything in the vest, so when we are getting back onto the ship all I have to do is take my vest off and let it go through security!!!!!! It makes things very very easy!!!
    Iโ€™m actually thinking about wearing it on the plane!! Not attaching the camera though…. but maybe filling up the pockets kind of like a carry-on that doesnโ€™t count as a carry-on!!! Lol!! Iโ€™m just too afraid to get there and run into problems!!!
    If you look on Amazon they still have my camera vest on there. It might take a little bit of looking!!! But when you see something that looks like a vest that you would wear on a safari in Africa, that is it!!!!
    Once you look it up I would like to know your thoughts.
    Love the videos!!
    Talk soon!!

  6. Aroop Bose

    This is about packing shoes, in India we have this practice of wrapping shoes with old newspapers. This was a common practice earlier, whether it still continues we do not know but we still follow it. Nowadays when plastic bags are either banned or in the process of being banned, using newspapers to pack shoes really helps.

  7. Moxie Dawn

    My best packing tip for ladies is to pack in a color scheme. Let's say I'm going on a week trip, and my foundation color is navy blue. I can pack two navy blue pants, one navy dress (if I think I may need something more dressy) and a navy cardigan or jacket. I can then add four or five tops in any color to make each outfit look different. I can also pack a few scarves in different colors for variety, and those don't take up any room. One dressier navy shoe, and one casual, but both a slip-on style. Even if you aren't doing "laundry" you can wash out a pair of pants in the bathtub and they are dry and ready to go in a day. Ponte knit is my recommendation. It's stretchy enough for comfort, but always looks smart.

  8. Greta English

    Uniqlo makes great lightweight down jackets that come in their own pouch. I wear them to the airport and then put them inside the pouch to create a pillow for my flight. I also use small plastic shopping bags to wrap my shoes in so they don't get the rest of my clothes dirty.

  9. ozzycarnut

    i can generally get by with carry on only, and i just take a large top quality backpack which is more useful and lighter than luggage. invest in the best backpack you can buy that will fit within airline limits. i have a deuter giga el 32 and its amazing, tonnes of space and good ventilated back support.

    what i pack for a week or two:

    in backpack: 3 x button up dress shirts, 1 x wool sweater, 1 x chinos, 5 x t shirts, 3 shorts, 5 x underpants, 5 pairs of socks, casual sneakers good for walking, toiletries (sanitizer wipes for light switches, remote etc) including medications, ipad / laptop, chargers. i roll all my gear and pack it vertically, shoes in first packed full of socks, toiletries on top of them, then everything rolled on top of them.

    wearing on plane: coat or jacket (hook onto seat in front), jeans, button up shirt, dress shoes, belt, cap, sunglasses, n/c headphones.

    as soon as you arrive at the hotel, make use of the iron. when your clothes get dirty after a few days or a week use the hotel laundry or nearby coin laundry.

  10. Adina Lesperance

    I can confirm the empty spray bottle filled with water at the hotel to get wrinkles out of clothes. I've been doing that for years. I also use plastic grocery bags as shoe bags. I usually throw in a couple of extra, because they also make good dirty laundry bags or ad hoc tote bags, and take up no space at all.

  11. Luz Rodriguez

    i saw your video on japan train that dont like to bring luggage on the train but what happen when u have to carry medium medical luggage everywhere you go because i need it in case emergency i have bad asthma and i get a lot off freak attack( severe eosinophilic asthma) and what should i look forward in the airport when i carry a external battery to turn on my cpad machine in the plane. what should i do if you have medical problem issues am i going to get charge extra carry a backpack and my other luggage that am using as a medical bag? what should i do

  12. Danielle Porter

    I have a hard case suitcase that I got for my birthday a couple of yrs ago that I've used every time I've gone to Dallas, I love it, it's somewhere between your small and nylon suitcases size wise and I carry it on to the plane. I usually talk two suitcases and a duffel bag when I travel, I usually check in my larger suitcase and take my duffel bag and smaller case on the plane. I have two suitcases in case one happens gets lost ,luckily I've never had that issue. I am one of those travelers that take my new towels and pillow cases when I travel. I've watched too many black light exposรฉs on how not so clean the linens in hotels can be. I know how my linens are.

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