How to Make MONEY with TRAVEL VIDEOS!! Yes it is possible. For the last 4 years I have been running a small business focused on short video productions …



  1. scotty4418

    for what its worth Greg, I think in the time i have been following your channel, your content has always been on point and always refreshing to watch as you mix it up well will still images, drone footage and video imagery. Interesting to hear you talk about continue to develop and was wondering what technique/style are you working to improve on at the moment?

  2. Trembich Moving Moments

    Very helpful video Greg πŸ™‚
    Do you think having a drone is necessary as a travel videographer? Since I have a wedding coming up I absolutely can't afford to get one at the moment, but I'd like to (someday) make a bit of money on the side with travel videography.

    Cheers from Germany πŸ™‚

  3. Scottman895 Travel

    This video is very helpful. Thank you for the tips! I don't have a true portfolio yet, but it is definitely something I should try to build. Do you happen to have any tips about building a portfolio with regards to travel videos? Anyway, I definitely agree that practice makes perfect when it comes to recording video or even taking pictures. As I continue to vlog and film videos, I always continue to learn new things which is always very exciting!

  4. Paul Morris

    I have listen to what you said for interest.I did think for a moment you where going to give 4 headings protfolio,pratice ,pitch and payment, but noticed this was missed.One can do all these things but in the end it has to be both rewarding to oneself and to the pocket as one assumes you are using this wealth to live your life style.
    I came to your channel due to recommendation of Thomas Heaton,stayed becasue of your product and the constant practice to re-do the already done and the quality of what you have shown. I also appreciate your honesty online in what you say.
    Yet one is aware you already have skills before you launched upon these tasks,and they counts a lot.As a raw beginner you need not only to make the videos, but also understand the compelxities of the task,the learning curve to handle software,never mine choosing which piece of software,The camera to use, plus all the associated gear we see you using in your blogs,all have a cost and its no longer acceptable to use much less than HD material,although as cameras are getting better and smarter someof these issue become less of a problem. More important is to develop the crative angle which marks you out from the ordinary(eg Karl Watson back packer blogs)
    I thank you for your blog and within it are many good pieces of advice to aspiring to all who desire both to work within blogging and those seeking to improve ones work or make a living out of it.Thank you for your view. If you where to do another in similar vein I would be inteseted in an illustrated bolg on what not to do! LOL

  5. Debbie Rooker

    Really fascinating vlog Greg 😚 such a valuable insight into all involved in travel videography. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge & info with us…. looking forward to all that's coming up on yours & Nellie's channel.

  6. Richard French

    Hi great video and advice, little question for you. I would like to someday buy a Gimbal for my Camera (DSLR) but for now unable to get one. so have you got any advice or tips or tricks in ways of getting smoother footage.
    many thanks

  7. AE5X

    If you ever decide on a career change I think you have a great future as a motivational speaker. I'm an old(ish) fart and you damn near had me fired up & ready to gallivanting around the world making travel vids with a beautiful blonde.

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