How to Brighten Dark Photos in Lightroom // tutorial

How to Brighten Dark Photos in Lightroom // tutorial

A quick and easy tutorial for Lightroom that I use very often! — FIND US ON // Digital Film Actions Website // Instagram …



  1. Eva PM

    Awesome work! So simple and yet so beautiful. Why do I have to touch every bottom from top to bottom, is beyond me.
    Question please, what if the entire photo is a little dark, even the background? Could you tell me/is what to do? Thanks so much!

  2. Jeremy Lerman

    Great tutorial. Do you have same for Photoshop users? I saw a behind the scene video of yours where you shot two models on a beach with the sea behind them for 6-hours (120 shots plus jewellery) where you used your Canon 50mm F1.2 lens, under exposed slightly, shot in both soft and harsh sunlight…and the results were absolutely terrific. I'd love to see a tutorial that shows how to get the same effects of that shoot in Photoshop, not Lightroom (I don't use LR). I live in the Middle East where the sun shines harsh all day long for 6-months of the year. You can see why such a tutorial means a lot to me! I love your work, I love your photography and I love the way you share your joy of it all. Thank you for making me feel a part of it 🙂

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